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    Crafting Re-group

    Hello Everyone,

    I've recently started a new hunter, and I struggled to decide whether to go for Explorer, where I could make myself armor, or Woodsman, where I could make my own bows. I eventually settled on Woodsman. However, I would have liked to be able to make both armor and bows for myself, which leads me to the point of this thread: New crafting groups. These new groups would replace the old, but those who had already started a different vocation (explorer, woodsman) could keep it. I hope these groups to make it easier to choose which vocation you want. I propose four groups:

    Prospector, Metalsmith, Weaponsmith: I suspect this would appeal to heavy armor classes

    Woodworker, Tailor, Forester: This would appeal to medium armor classes, as well as LM's and Minstrels

    Farmer, Cook, Scholar: This would make use of scholar and cooking mats gathered by farmers

    Prospecter, Jeweller, Scholar : This would (I hope) appeal to RK's

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    The problem is that all vocations (with the exception of Explorer and Woodsman) are currently consisting of one main "producing" profession; one "gathering", feeding the main; and one producing that is unsupported. Structured like that we have:
    * Armsman: Weaponsmith, fed by Prospector, with Woodworker unsupported.
    * Armourer: Metalsmith, again fed by Prospector, with Tailor
    * Historian actually fits aswell, though Scholar gathers its own materials, it's also fed dye-materials from Farmer, and Weaponsmithing is unsupported.

    Explorer and Woodsman breaks this mold by having a second gathering profession instead (Explorer having Prospector and Woodsman having Farmer).

    It is however clear that Turbine wants the vocations to be interdependent rather than independent. While I don't think it really works (most just leave the "off" profession unused", I think) I doubt they would want to switch that around. Keep in mind also that any change in vocation setup would probably cause an uproar if existing combinations were removed, as there will always be those that want the current combos, or would be unsatisfied with the new ones.

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    I see what you mean.... I suggested this because I had noticed (like you did) that unsupported skills are rather useless.

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    I think that the current vocations are done on purpose so that no one toon can become totally self sufficient, and therefore overly powerful. All current vocations will rely on requiring either an alt or a kin to provide mats to complete all tiers of each profession.

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    The original idea was crafting to be interdependent, which encourages player interaction and sustains the game's economy. In the Shadows of Angmar days, crafted gear was just slightly below instance gear in quality, and was much more difficult to obtain. There were no crafting guilds, and there were no ingredients enhancing the critical success chance. In other words, you had a 5% chance of producing top quality crafted gear, and it was actually worth it.

    Since then, many things have changed, which have made the current crafting system obsolete, so it indeed makes sense to just let characters be independent. I mean, currently, the most successfully sold items at the Auction Hall are consumables (by scholars and cooks), raw materials (processed or not), and to a far lesser extent jewelry, second weapons for dual-wield classes (3 out of 9), maybe some shields. Even crafting instruments are no longer profitable, given the new universal instrument Turbine is selling through the store.

    Personally, I wouldn't mind a change towards self-sufficiency, since Turbine obviously doesn't have crafting high on its agenda. After all, it is quite easy to create crafting alts, and even level them up in order to get reputation recipes, which defies the original crafting concepts anyways.
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