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    Question I unwittingly abandonded my house

    Hi, I am quite new to this game.

    Lv18, Champion, Dwarf, Ered Luin, Withywindle.

    Due to a quest, I had to meet a broker and I thought:
    "Hey let's buy a house!"

    So I bought one and after I had stored a bit, my brother asked me to do a favor for him.
    I didn't log off, because it takes about an hour to log back in into my world.

    When I came back I clicked on the icons "Character" and then on "House".
    I didn't believe my eyes when it said:"Currently you don't own a house."
    Then I checked the box in the bottom left and there was this modest sentence written: "You have just abandoned your house."

    When I stormed out of my room, I heard my brother laughing in his room.
    Apparently my brother did that f..k.

    So my question:
    Is there any solution for my problem?

    I love this game and this is my first character.

    I just lost about 20 potions and one gold.
    If there is an easy way to get them back it would help me a lot.

    Thanks in Advance, Tharlormur
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    the golds gone but everything you had in the chest will be at the broker, theirs one in most towns i think but the one i know for certain is in the bree AH

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    You should be able to visit a housing escrow vendor and recover the items you had stored. There is a vendor a the Vault in Bree or possibly even outside your homestead instance. As far as recovering your house unfortunately the game makes you wait 24hours to purchase another but when that time is up you can repurchase the house you abandoned.

    Someone will likely reply in more detail but that's what I can offer. = )

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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Thank God I can get these potions back, the bronze plates and so on.
    But there is no way I can get that d... gold back?
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    Nope, the cost of the house is non-refundable and I do not think the GM's will even consider helping with that. However, any gold you spent for upkeep that has not been used up should have been returned to you. This is the gold the you pay in advance for use against future upkeep. I do not remember if it was automatically added back to your wallet or (most likely) if it came in the mail.
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    Thanks guys.

    I am sure I will be able to replenish that one gold.

    This thread may be closed.

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    Quoted from the "House FAQ -Updated-"

    25 - How can I abandon a house?
    Press "C" as default key to bring up the Character Panel and click on the House to go to housing screen. There you have the option to abandon your house only if you are the character who purchased the house.
    * An Easy Way to Determine The Owner: The owner is whose name appears with the house when you enter the property (if you have the show owner option enabled).

    26 - What happens if you abandon a house?
    All your items in the containers, decorations inside the house and in the garden will be transferred to an escrow account that you have to access by talking to Escrow Broker or Vault Keeper within 14 days to retrieve the items. If you do not, they will disappear. You will also take all maintenance fees (upkeep cost) back excluding the week you abandoned your house. There is not a cooldown after abandoning your house to buy a new house, but after you abandon a house there is a 24 hour cooldown for the same exact house to be bought to prevent "house transfering" between characters.

    27 - If I abandon my house without taking anything out of it, would all my stuff go to Escrow?
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