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Thread: Call of Orome

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    Call of Orome

    I'm a level 25 minstrel, somehow the "Call of Orome" icon simply disappeared leaving a blank slot in its place and now I cannot locate it or use it. Weird right? Help!??

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    Open your character sheet. Find the tab for active skills. Drag "Call of Orome" to an empty quickslot. After you get done adjusting your quickslots, go to the quickslot options - at the top is a box that says - Lock quickslots. Check that box and save this setting. Once you lock your bars, you will never have to worry about losing a skill from a quickslot because you dragged it off the slot instead of clicking on it to activate the skill.
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    You are a lifesaver, and I feel really silly. Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shinjiikarii View Post
    You are a lifesaver, and I feel really silly. Thank you!
    You don't need to. You are FAR from the first person to do this. We get a post like yours nearly every week on this forum.
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    btw, there is a shortcut that does the same thing. I don't remember what the default is, but on mine I hit CTRL + PGDN and it locks/unlocks the toolbars right away. you can find out on the keymapping page of your options menu.
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