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    Languages and Dwarrowdelf

    With all the new people on the server, it is about time to start another welcome thread. I realize that not a lot of people use the forums, but this is a start. So, let me be the first to introduce myself...

    My main is Pialia. She is a Level 85 Lore Master. She is also in the jewelers guild as a grand master. And just recently rank 2 in the moors.

    Second is Inede. She is a level 56 Hunter. She is in the woodworkers guild. Not a grand master yet.

    Third is Ciragol. She is a level 28 Rune Keeper. She is in the weaponsmith guild. Not yet grand master.

    Last but not least is Turol. My level 26 Warden. She is a grand master guilded tailor.

    I like to help when I can, but I don't give out gold or power level people. I am currently kinless( which I don't mind right now).
    I have a haphazard schedule right now (children do that to you) but I mostly play between 5pm-11pm EST during the week and as much as I possibly can on the weekends. My primary languages is English, but I can hold my own in German also.

    Well, that is me. Don't know if this is helpful or not. Thought it would be a good idea.
    Pialia-Elf Lore master & guilded Jeweler , lvl 100 Inede- Hobit huntress & guilded Woodworker, lvl 95 Ciragol-Elf Rune keeper & guilded weaponsmith, lvl 36 Turol-Human Warden & guilded Tailor, lvl 39 Ruthra-Hobbit Ministrel & guilded scholar, lvl 31 All on the Dwarrowdelf server

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    Smile Welcome!

    Hi, Pialia, and welcome to the server! Good idea to start a new welcome thread given the recent population boom.

    Couple quick things, since you mentioned being kinless and PvMP.

    If/when you do look for a kin, I'd encourage you to check out KOTWC (link in my signature). Sounds like we might be a good fit for you with your interests and background as a family-oriented kinship. Check us out at the link if you'd like.

    Second, our server has recently started up a freep PvMP alliance. It's been a little slow getting it off the ground due to a variety of factors, but some of us who have been in the 'moors for a while are very much interested in helping out those who are new to it (we can always use new freeps!). The link for the alliance is also in my sig. (Yeah, it looks a lot like our kin site--very original of me... ) You can apply to join the alliance no matter whether you're a part of a kin or not. The only requirement is that you want to work together with other freeps in the 'moors.

    Oh, and as far as languages go--my first language is English, though I also speak Spanish and frequently dabble in new languages.



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