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    65 BG Set Bonus Feedback

    Hi Guys,

    I am looking for some feedback for the 65 BG Set Bonus: + 15 sec sticky tard duration.


    Anyone out there using this (marco armos swap)? How useful do u find it in PvP / PvE - it looks like an amazing set bonus not sure if it is worth the grind to get it.

    Any feedback is much appreciated. Also if anyone knows if this set will be scaled or removed with U10 plz let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Others may have a different opinion, but I don't see much value in the 15s sticky tar bonus. We can already have it up 100% of the time with the trait.

    Sure, it's nice to close the gap between reapplications if you don't want to use a trait slot, but personally, I think your time is better spent elsewhere instead of grinding for this set.

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    If looking for a swap set the old draigoch one is perfect for the bonuses then pop back on the hytbold or whatever you use. The shoulders from the bg set are really nice though as a 6th piece but suppose this wont be needed anymore with the new structure.
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    Doesn't sound that spectacular. As previously mentioned, we already have 100% uptime with the trait (which I'm personally a huge fan of).



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