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    RoR Moors in GMT time

    Hey guys!

    Bear in mind that i havent been to the moors much since RoR hit. Mostly because of real life.

    Anyway, i have a little more time now and I'm having trouble adjusting to the "new" moors. I usually play from around 10PM-00AM in GMT time, which should be around 5PM-7PM servertime.

    Before RoR, if i was alone, i would dart to EC or TA to try and find the action and then wander a bit from there.

    Since I've been back i'm a bit lost. I usually do a full tour of the moors, from GV to TR, then to the north outpost to Grams, then down to Lugz and the new EC, i check out HH and LC and back to GV.

    Lets just say that the last week i've done this route every day and only on one day i found creeps, and they were right in GV. After than i have trouble finding any creep or freep around.

    Is there a "new" place i should look for first for some action? Or is everybody fighting underground?
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    We're all fighting on Creep OOC.
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    Too few players on a too large map. RoR update destroys small servers.
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