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I am going to continue raising awareness of this cause until some kind of Turbine response is given. Having rules in the game are a given that should be upheld by the developers and their staff no matter what.
Hate to say but Sapience did confirm that they do NOT currently,or in the future plan to take action against this issue.. (way too lazy to search the post,but it is there)

Kelsan said he considers it an exploit of the system to farm freavers or a friend XXXX times for rewards,yet in the end everyone is entitled to play the game how he wants to,and it is a minor issue that doesnt deserve their attention yet (lazyly translated on my part,but its out there too if anyone cares to look for it.)

Posts about it get deleted,the creator warned (been there... i got asked to stop else id be punished harder then just forum affecting stuff),id love this to get adressed,i come from CM,i never understood why turbine doesnt care about cheats/exploits etc..

Some gaming sites wrote about this issue,and perhaps if we get the word out there that turbine tolerates such things,and exploits etc in pve,they will be forced to react,cause bad PR does hurt eventually.

I fully support this thread,and the creator! WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING.