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    Enough clubbing is enough.

    I decided to make this thread in the interest of making sure that even Turbine cannot fail to see how angry so many are over the clubbing issue that has become a nefarious rot on so many servers. Exploiting in general in the Moors has spread like wildfire and Turbine takes virtually no action against any form of exploiting. Clubbing is an insult to the PVMP community and to those who work for their ranks.

    Clubbing was punishable under Codemasters by a complete removal of all ranks from a character after a GM investigation into it. Such a punishment would be a complete deterrant to clubbers to take part in it. It is time for Turbine to actually DO SOMETHING to show people that there are rules of play in this game, yes, even this game.

    Turbine put your cash aside and just do the right thing. PVMP is being utterly degraded by this.

    I'm going to draw as many players as I can to this thread, and I won't let it disappear quickly. Anyone who is against clubbing, post here and show Turbine that you are tired of it.

    Edit: The definition of clubbing:

    'Clubbing' as it is known on Gilrain, is referred to as 'rank farming' on some servers. Its name varies but the interpretation of it remains very similar. It is the process of using a character(s) as sources of infamy/renown with which to accumulate huge amounts of points over an extremely short time by comparison to regular PVMP. Unlike normal PVP, the characters in use have no intention of fighting back. In fact, they are typically being controlled by the player who is farming them. This is usually done via a seperate, F2P account. Reavers, being a free class, can be created in virtually any number at no cost, offering a near-endless source of points. Clubbing and multi-boxing often go hand-in-hand.

    Note: For the purpose of this thread, I do not consider clubbing and organised 1v1 fights to be the same thing. That is a contentious and highly subjective issue. This thread deals only with the repetitive farming of characters that are not intended by any means to fight back .
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