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    Before the Eastemnet: Gearing level 75

    I am beginning to feel like the biggest dope around. I think I understand things, then take a harder look and find I'm usually very wrong.

    I have a Hunter who has been parked in Galtrev since the RoR beta, as I concentrated working on my Hunter who is now level 85 and has all the goodies. I've been getting bored running Hytbold dailies, hording up tokens and Silver Riddermark rep coins for LI upgrades and whatever U10 will bring. So, I thought I'd dust off the level 75 and work him up a bit.

    Doing 3 to 6 Warbands a day, plus the instances and raids I can get in, I've got a pretty healthy account balance in Marks and Medallions. Remembering how I lusted after the Draigoch gear (bartered at Galtrev), I thought I'd go outfit the 75 in that gear. If I do a few Draigoch raids, I could get the helm and shoulders, and I can afford the barter on the rest of the set.

    Before investing, I did a bit of comparing. And... realized that, aside from the difference of twice the Agility on the Draigoch stuff, Great River Guild Crafted gear seems of be better. Now, I'm confused all over again.

    With an eye towards u10 coming along, and Agility being a bit less important for crits and such... Am I better off saving my raid barter for other things, and just crafting a teal Great River set? What does everyone feel is the better way to go on this?

    Maybe someone doing the u10 beta can weigh in on how the Draigoch and Great River sets are changing?
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    Depends if you have the marks to spare
    If you don't: You can wear medium armour from the Rohan barter npc at lvl 76, all for a handful of tokens.

    (Took a look at the new hunter raid armour today and it was quite expensive I must say, so saving marks might be a good idea indeed)



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