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    Happy Easter-ling

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellatoestabber View Post

    should be everything to date... btw loremasters got commercial litter boxes for all the animal waste and wardens got a first aid kit in case they forgot which end of javelins was the pointy end... hope you enjoyed...
    lol, hey ella. you misspelled shield
    "Dwelling on the past only ensures that you will fall in the future."
    I do not suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.


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    Please make more Life With Ella! I came looking for more ,weekly comic please ..=P

    Signed a somber Lore-Master

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    Smores -came to my head while doing several "get me this item" quests for rangers

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    Everywhere we go some random dwarves follow my daughters alts.... no explanation till now.

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    Hobbit Present

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    Sometimes during daytime i tell kinnies i have to go get the laundry boss...

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    Nice job

    Hilarious thread, keep it up

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    yep actually happened except for the kin chest comment.. we were stuck on trying to figure out what was keeping gate from opening and I yelled OPEN SESAME and it opened... ty to all who were in the bg raid with me.

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    these followed me after i turned in the quest... reminded me of billy goats gruff story

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    From the Diary of Drdeadman:

    featuring my defiler Drdeadman...

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    Thumbs up Great thread!

    Thanks for posting these.

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    another from Drdeadman's Diary

    Inspired by the day i saw spam come back from dead glitched.. he moved like a surfer face down following me... up hills, down hills and basically i lmao the whole time... as well as my kins love for randomly launching into monty python skits.

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    Featuring my warg Ostanda.. the way she reached the rez was just too funy to me

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    unknown crafter ty for your inspiration..

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    found the squirrels , reminded me of what my gnome in wow used to say " You know squirrels can be deadly when cornered"

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    Special thanks to Sabbracadabra from our kin Massive Dynamics on Dwarrowdelf for inspiring this comic by having on a great "santa" look and promptly waving to us and leaving before we got a picture of him.


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