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Thread: Bow Inductions

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    Bow Inductions

    My hunter just hit level 58 and with that i got the Improved fleetness trait but i cannot figure out why the inductions arent what they should be i have to be missing something, with 6 huntsman traits slotted you net a total of -22% bow induction, with improved fleetness active that bumps you up to -37%. So Heartseeker for example has an induction time of 2.5s normally without improved fleetness active it should have an induction of 2s with it active it should drop to 1.6. only that isnt the case from what i am seeing the traits slotted only drops it to 2.4 and with improved fleetness active it gets bumped down to 2s.

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    This is because "bow induction" buffs are multiplicative, not additive.
    Understand, if you have two "-10% bow induction buffs" (1), it is not the same as having "-20% bow induction" (2).

    In case (1), your induction times are multiplied by 0,90*0,90=0,81, that is an overall induction boost of -19%.
    In case (2), their are multiplied by 0,80.

    Traited 6 blue, you have two induction buffs : 10% (3 blue traits fix) and 6*2=12% (6 blue traits equipped with the 4 traits fix).
    Improved fleetness gives an additional 15% induction time bonus.

    Heart Seeker has a base induction of 3s.
    Traiting 6 blue traits takes the induction time to 3*0.90*.88=2.376 ; so 2.4s
    Using Improved fleetness gives the additional 15% boost, so 3*0.90*0.88*0.85=2.0196, so 2sec.
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    Ah ok now i see, thank you for clearing that up

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    That said, I'm not convinced that induction reduction is working the way it should. I may be tripping over animation confusion, but it often appears that my speed isn't where it should be. /shrug




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