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    Questing in the Giant Halls

    My guardian is level 43 and trying to finish up some Misty Mountain quests before heading to Angmar. However, I have several quests in the Giant Halls that I'm having a heck of time completing. My main problem is actually getting into the area without getting pasted by a Frost Giant or other elite mob. I can get through the Dourhands in Gabilazan easily enough, but the southern gate is guarded by a Frost Giant that squashed me flat the one time I tried to fight him. The eastern entrance is just as bad--very narrow and well guarded by 7000+ morale Giants and Trolls. I could probably dodge them if I had more room to maneuver, but I don't see how I can get through without having to fight one or two.

    Presuming there's not a easy entrance that I've overlooked, how do solo players manage it? I would wait a level or two, but it seems unlikely that will help much.

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    Run past them on your horse until they leash. Or get some friends.
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    On my seven characters, I ran thru the eastern entrance. I kept running until I broke aggro. There are very few solo quests in Giant Halls. As Guardian, you will have to in there at level 45 as part of one of your level 50 class quests. Guardian is the easiest class to operate in Giant Halls because you are a tuff as nails tank.

    It is a lot more exciting with a squishy class like a Hunter. I done it with a Burglar, Captain, Champion, Lore Master, Guardian and Minstrel. Like I said there is not much to do in there as a solo player beyond the class quests. You need to bring friends. I used in a group of six to do the more difficult quests. Some people come back at 65+.
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    You don't fight them unless you have help, ride through them or stay outside there agro range. Solo the easiest way in is the Eastern path, but it takes longer as you have to skirt the agro range of the mobs to get through. There is a path that can avoid most of the agro on the snow cover hills side. It starts just above the sign post on the right as you look south.

    But quicker way is the western path, ride through them but avoid entering the area with even more trolls as you try to loose the agro, you want to aim for off the right hand side of the path but not too far west or you run into more trolls.

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    Thanks for the replies, everyone! And you've anticipated my next question, which was: east side or west side?

    I've been tempted to try it on the west (Gabilazan) side, since there's only one giant visible, but you can't see the layout past the gate at all; for all I knew there were another ten giants in there.

    On the east side I found the cut-through over a hill that avoids some of the mobs, but I'd still have to ride past a couple of trolls & giants and hope to find a mob-free path someplace beyond.

    I guess I need to just try it an hope for the best; and you're certainly right, Yula, that as hair-raising as it is on my guardian, it would be even more exciting on a squishier character!

    Thanks again, and I'll let you know how it goes!



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