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    Hytbold Help - catch 22

    Ok, so some time in the past, i got to lvl 84, and headed off to Hytbold. Did the Welcome to Hytbold quest and got 25 tokens for it, but never picked up the Mead Hall: Rebuild quest.

    Now, it seems I have used up some of these tokens (probably bartered for silver tokens), so when i come back to Hytbold to do the Mead Hall: Rebuild quest, I don't have enough tokens to do it.

    Since i can't complete Mead Hall: Rebuild, I can't access the Aiding the Eastemnet quest.
    Since i can't access Aiding the Eastemnet I can't do the daily quests to get more tokens.

    Contacted a GM ingame, and he told me to check the Hytbold Rebuild Guide, and that there is other ways to get Hytbold Tokens than doing the Daily quests unlocked by Aiding the Eastemnet.

    I checked the Guide, and I cant find anything of use in my situation there. Does anyone have any advice for me?
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    I am afraid the GM you spoke to needs to brush up on his info

    The ONLY way to get Hybolt Tokens is by doing the Daily Quests gated to the Aiding the Eastemnet Questline.

    All I can suggest is you ask again for help.

    And hopefully get the help from a different GM
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    This is an issue Lunasa and I raised with Turbine during beta testing last summer. We even suggested a simple change in two quest prerequisites that would prevent this issue from ever happening.

    Turbine's response was that it was highly unlikely to occur to any player and was therefore a low priority to investigate. You are proof that even when circumstances are unlikely, in a game with as large a population as LOTRO, it's bound to happen to someone eventually.

    You can tell the GM that the author of the Hytbold guide says:

    The only solutions for this issue are for a GM to EITHER 1) mail or trade the affected player [25 Tokens of Hytbold] OR 2) forcibly bestow the quest "Welcome to Hytbold" again for the player. (Note: Because I have never actually tested option 2, option 1 is preferable.)



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