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    Missing Frame Rate Panel

    I've been away from the game for 14 months and just came back. Spent the last couple of weeks on my hunter and instead of using a third party app to display the FPS I used the in game frame rate panel, which has been working fine. Today I was planning on gathering some resources on my burglar. When I keyed in Ctrl+F nothing happened. I then keyed Ctrl+\ to bring up the UI that allows customization of the UI to see where the frame rate panel was. It was gone. It wasn't hidden behind another panel, it just wasn't on the screen. I checked all my other three toons and they all have the frame rate panel. It's only missing on my burg. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get it back?

    On a side note, I really love how the my.lotro.com site pretty much fails on IE. Even in compatibility mode, especially the search results screen. Clicking a link from there simply takes you back to the same search results screen. Right-clicking a link and selecting open in new tab, opens a new with the search results. It even failed when I tried to click the New Post button. I know IE isn't everybody's favorite browser and it's certainly not perfect, but neither is Chrome and Firefox isn't any better than IE. Seriously, why would you force a large percentage of your customers to use a browser they really don't want to use.

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    I'm no fan of IE, but rest assured those of us using Firefox have the same problems. It's not the browser, it's the "Beta" site.



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