Something that has been irritating as of late is the dictating of what classes can roll on certain loot.
I was in a pug skirm yesterday and the Ring of lasting victory dropped.

Three people in pug rolled on it; two guards and a captain. The captain won the roll, then the guards and the pug leader argued that the ring wasnt meant for a captain and it was given to one of the guards.

Although there are other items that may be considered better like:

All of these rings here can work for a tank as well as Champs and Captains; Everyone's build is gonna vary.
In my opinion if youre still running 650 vitality on a heavy youre probably lacking mitigations. if you dont know how to ebb quick enough, might be a good idea to bump your vitality up; A dead champ does zero dps.

My point though, If your asking someone to spend thier time with a pug, you could at least have the decency to let them know youre gearing out your kin's guards before you start.
If you are in a pug and people are stealing loot that you win and (can use), stop joining with them.