We are The Valar and we are Recruiting. We are a Fun Friendly Very Helpful and active Rank 10 Family style Kinship. All players whether new or old of any race Level or Class are Welcome to join us. We Have a Kin House,Ventrilo Server, Website Valar.guildlaunch.com and Eastemnet crafters in All crafts. we run regular skirmishes and Instances. We have Alot of friendly folks who are willing and able to help ANYONE that asks. We do regular kinship marches in different locations around Middle-Earth. so if your either tired of the kin your in or tired of journeying Through Middle-Earth alone give me a tell below are a list of my Characters ALL of which are officers in The Valar the first 3 or 4 are the ones i play the most.

Venomousarrows, Lathlaril, Hrossik, Rubyalia, Essal, Blackviper, Nywoe, Yim, Thulaic, Skalgir, Adromin, Mirilock, Nandhil, Grizzlytank.

If you would like to join our fine Kinship give me a /t on one of those characters (like i said the fisrst 4 i play the most look for me first on those characters) or send me a Mail on my Main Venomousarrows.

OR give our leader Uvle a tell here are a few othe Officers: Emiliesmand. Indarael, Iorthildal.

Thank you VERY much i hope you consider or want to join our fine kin.

Venomousarrows Proud Officer of The Valar