If you are interested in looking at various fight mechanics in the Turtle, Watcher, Dar Narbugud, and Ost Dunhoth raids then please be online Feb. 4th through the 6th at 5:30 PM PST. The objective is to look at the mechanics and understand these elements to the fight. For example, what happens when the watcher shakes with anger, why we burn the watcher's arms, or why tanks swap aggro on the Turtle. The objective isn't to blow the bosses/content up as fast as possible. We should be able to do Turtle, Watcher, and at least 2 DN bosses Monday night. The rest of DN on Tuesday, and OD on Wed.

Why do this?
New content will be available shortly and recognizing events in a fight is important. Likely some of the current mechanics are "recycled" into the new instances so running the content at lvl 75 plus allows for an extremely forgiving atmosphere in which to study.

The ideal audience includes:
People that are lvl 85 and have little experience grouping or in specific content. People that have been away from the game for awhile. People that want to learn to raid. Other reasons I can't think of but are equally valid.