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    Comprehensive raid review nights - Mon. through Wed.

    If you are interested in looking at various fight mechanics in the Turtle, Watcher, Dar Narbugud, and Ost Dunhoth raids then please be online Feb. 4th through the 6th at 5:30 PM PST. The objective is to look at the mechanics and understand these elements to the fight. For example, what happens when the watcher shakes with anger, why we burn the watcher's arms, or why tanks swap aggro on the Turtle. The objective isn't to blow the bosses/content up as fast as possible. We should be able to do Turtle, Watcher, and at least 2 DN bosses Monday night. The rest of DN on Tuesday, and OD on Wed.

    Why do this?
    New content will be available shortly and recognizing events in a fight is important. Likely some of the current mechanics are "recycled" into the new instances so running the content at lvl 75 plus allows for an extremely forgiving atmosphere in which to study.

    The ideal audience includes:
    People that are lvl 85 and have little experience grouping or in specific content. People that have been away from the game for awhile. People that want to learn to raid. Other reasons I can't think of but are equally valid.


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    quick bump

    Just a reminder for the raid review nights. We also have Saruman locks if anyone would like to revisit this fight. Our preference is to run Saruman T2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirowood View Post
    We already did this zilla. We had mixed results. The take home messages are: take of the blinders, pay attention to instructions, and trait properly.

    Take of the blinders and pay attention to the signals the designers of the content put into the fights. How many times does a raid of mostly lvl 85s need to wipe vs. The Blind One (TBO) Hard Mode, this is a lvl 58 raid boss, for the dps on/off mechanic to sink in? Two times b/c the raid repeatedly brought TBO to near death then fully healed it as they ignored the red flash, the green bubble and 3 people calling "DPS OFF". I just laughed during the 1st wipe when 9 of its shades were running around prior to the 1st wipe. Sometimes people need to learn the hard way.

    Pay attention to instructions. In OD, a 65 instance, the T1 strategy is basically beat on 1 oliphant, it turns green, then kill adds (wardens and renewers 1st), if you get the eye then run a lap. Rinse and repeat until the three bosses die. If you don't pay attention and mindlessly flail on w/e target is nearest to you then the mechanic will wipe your group as the eyes, and hordes or renewers/wardens will defeat your group.

    Trait properly for your designated role especially if you agree to fulfill that role. If a properly traited lvl 85 captain and 75 rk are healing their side and yours and outhealing your lvl 85 dps traited rk b/c quote "lol it's a lvl 58 instance lol I don't need to retrait lol" then you're doing it wrong.
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