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    Best of the best (Enemy Version)

    It's time to recognize the best at their class again but with a twist. Recognize your enemy and rate the best of the classes you've been fighting against over the last 45 days. READ DIRECTIONS and don't put people on the list who haven't played consistently in the last 45 days because you miss them. If you mostly creep please only list the freeps you feel are the best at their class and vice versa. Since I've been on my freep more lately here are the top creep players in the last 45days in my opinion:

    Warleader: Leaderfashu (aka Leader EFF YOU) - Dude is a beast and charges right into the mix

    Reaver: Reeferbaby (aka smoke-shop) - I believe you left your blades in my corpse last night and would appreciate if you would come back and pull them out. Tough as nails to fight! Oh and a shoutout as well to Kotomine!

    Weaver: Malgil - Every time I see you Malgil, I KNOW it's going to be a tough fight!

    BA: Zaugog (aka Zauglog) - You've melted my face off many times and I still need to pay you back!

    Warg: Lastcall (aka Brandboy) - I don't care if you brand/hips/sprint/whatever...you are relentless and always in the freeps nuts. I swear you are my dog here at home!

    Defiler: Blister - Very good defiler who I hate chasing around!

    That's my list. Keep bringing it creeps, you're making it a challenge out here and that's enjoyable for me because I won't get better fighting butterflies!

    See you on the battlefield!

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    good list kastle. seems about right

    "Thinking you can do something is confidence; doing something is competence"
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    HAHA "Leader-Eff-You"

    Priceless :P
    R7 Champion- Vladimar| R6 Blackarrow- Truebow
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