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    Is stalker really that good?

    Hello all creeps!!!

    It was long time ago since i first played pvmp. So i started out reaver so eventually i get tired and quit. So now after the RoR i want to try again. It was long time since i first killed a freeps. But that was another story.

    Should i try stalker? Pros and Cons +/-

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    I highly recommend the stalker.

    High DPS is Shadow stance
    Decent survivability in Flayer stance
    Great scouts

    Pretty squishy (low survivability, rely on high damage to kill things)
    Very low DPS in Flayer stance
    Hated by all freeps (although that might be a good thing )
    Expected to always be in warg packs....

    If you want to find out more about the stalker class, here are two great guides:

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    On Bullroarer they are really underpowered..

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    Keep yer Reaver they are very good rite now.
    Xalfang R10 warg, Xalweb R8 Spidey, Xalgnakah R8 Defiler/Bruzrat's pocket-healer, Euanggelion R8 Warden.

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    The short answer to your question.... no. Unless you want to dump loads of TP on it ofc. You'll do alright killing NPCs but taking on anything else is a tad harder. If you see anything with heals/heavy armor/shield don't bother with it. In RvR, well, if you pop out of stealth and your pots/brand are on cd chances are very high you will only see yourself stunned and dead the next second.

    The good thing about wargs is that once you get enough stealth you can stealth to the top of lug (or the keep where the freeps are fighting atm, on Withy that is 99% of the time at lugs) and wait for a freep to run for safety and then jump him. If that freep is a hunter you're in luck you get some points
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    High burst DPS(for Creepside)
    Good at escaping and re-entering fights
    Being a Warg :P
    Decent amount of CC, especially good at procing Conjunctions


    Extremely low survivability
    No ranged attacks
    Poor Power efficiency, no power restores at all
    Very poor self heals outside of Flayer(a single on defeat HOT)

    Just my perspective as a R7 Warg. The class is great in combination with other creeps(especially other Wargs), but in 1v1 situations it is incredibly lacking. You're going to find it very hard to beat anything other than Hunters and maybe a badly played Burg. Once you get Flayer stance at R10/Storebought/traded Sigil some of that may change, I don't know because I'm not at that rank yet.

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    I am personally somewhat biased. But for me, yes. Though I rarely solo and much prefer to run with a Warg Pack.

    • Stealth.
    • Being a Warg.
    • Luxurious fur coats.
    • All your Warg friends.
    • Can run down and eat those herbivores the Freeple ride.

    • No thumbs.
    • Freeple hate us because we run down and eat their mounts.
    • Freeple hate us because they are jealous of our luxurious fur coats.
    • Freeple hate us because we're really sneaky while running down their mounts in our luxurious fur coats.

    There are, like, mechanical reasons too. But for me, it's all about the epic goodness of Wargie Style.
    Hobbits . . .
    Now them's good eatin'!

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    They are VERY powerful solo (once Rank 9+). It is worth investing the time and ranking up.

    Note: Learn to mouse turn. Keyboard turning wargs have a 90% higher chance to lose spars by being out-kited.

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    A class is as good as you make it out to be (for dps classes that is). A warg can beat any class 1v1 that knows what they're doing as long as they are traited right (for the hardest fights) and play correctly. For soloing, when there are raids out... depending on how squishy the raid is if, you can pre-pot and gank someone in the middle then HIPS or gank fat kids. For small grouping... the best 6man to fight any group of freeps is...

    1. Warleader
    2. Warleader
    3. Defiler
    4. Reaver
    5. Reaver
    6. Warg

    if that helps at all.

    Also if you're really interested in doing some extra research or see for yourself what's possible, send me a forum message and I will link you a few of my vids.

    Quote Originally Posted by Graycient View Post
    They are VERY powerful solo (once Rank 9+). It is worth investing the time and ranking up.

    Note: Learn to mouse turn. Keyboard turning wargs have a 90% higher chance to lose spars by being out-kited.

    Agreed on the first part, but as for the mouse turning...

    To the OP: If you are used to key turning for years/just dont feel like making all the binds/dont feel like trying to learn something new that may or may not even work out for you/have so many toons it would be too much to learn/whatever the reason may be... My suggestion is to either google how to change your key turn speed on lotro or send me a forum PM and I can help you out. I've won many 1v1s against some hardcore mouse turners and you can also do a combination of both. For example... maybe you are being chased by a melee train in RvR, you just have to hold the left/mouse button down and turn into them quickly and at most they will get off 1 hit if anything.

    Anyways back to mouse turning/key turning... I agree with this dude who I saw post about it earlier so I'll just copy/paste...

    "It may be "considered" inferior because that's what a lot (if not all) casual players keyboard turn, but don't have a clue how to play the game anyway. Everyone makes it out like it's a huge disadvantage, like not wearing any armour or cutting your health in half, but it's not. " -Pete (On w/e forum this was on).
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