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Thread: Deed Log Bug

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    Jan 2013

    Thumbs down Deed Log Bug

    Has anyone had issues with the Deed Log?

    Mine only shows the Deeds in Bree-Land, regardless of where I happen to be.

    The only exception is when I gain a new deed, at a different map, where it then displays the relevant deeds for that area. However, as soon as I leave that map, the deeds revert back to Bree-Land deeds.

    This is quite annoying, and means I can't keep track of things. I've already reported it as a bug, twice, but have had no feedback at all.

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    Try to pick a category at the top,
    then use the tabs at the bottom to
    find the region you need...

    No they are not there for visuals,
    they are actually click-able...

    Took me about 6 weeks before I
    figured that out 2 years ago XD

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    Use the tabs at the bottom to switch. And at the top.

    No one ever gets responses from /bugs and no one should ever expect to get one.
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    Ahhhh... Well, it really wasn't that obvious to me. I would never have thought to click there. Looks purely decorative.

    Well, I've only been playing just under 3-weeks, so that's my excuse

    At least now I know where I am with my deeds.




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