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    Determination virtue still earning at rank 6

    I'm a bit baffled. My 61 Hunter's trait panel shows Determination as still earning, even though she has completed all the low level slayer deeds, etc. to get it to rank 6. Whenever I've encountered this before it's been because I failed to do some low level deed in the Shire or Ered Luin, but that's not the case this time. I've checked that I've completed all the Bree, Ered Luin, and Shire deeds for the virtue.

    Any thoughts as to why I'm still earning this virtue and can't equip it?

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    If you haven't equipped the trait it will say "Earning" regardless of the earned rank.
    It had me a bit confused too at first :-)
    What happens when you try to equip it?

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    When you click on the trait in your Virtues panel, does it go to your deed panel once you exit the store popup?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bowes View Post
    If you haven't equipped the trait it will say "Earning" regardless of the earned rank.
    Partially correct.

    Any unequipped trait can say "Earning" instead of "Earned" if you are currently doing something to get the next rank, clicking on it in the Traits window will take you to the Deed log to see what you need to do to go from Earning to Earned. Within the Deed panel, hovering over the Virtue in the rewards side shows the current values, and the upgrade once you finish the Deed.



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