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    How would devs influence group dynamics?

    Once again, class changes on the way that will influence how individuals choose to play. That made me think of how would devs influence us on a macro scale. There are incentives to raid up, and one could say,there are more incentives to zerg up on your opposition. Are there counters to the zerg? Besides leaving the zone and killing the action...Sure and they may be more or less effective as time/tactics go by.

    What I'd like to see are incentives that foster creation of smaller groups on a macro scale. I don't want to tinker with classes. I believe that smaller (relative term depending on your server) group fights are more sustainable and retain more players in the zone for longer periods of time vs zergs. What I suggest are by no means the only ways, hey i'm just taking a small break at work to put this down on paper, so cut me slack and tell me what you would do.

    1. Remove map/minimap from UI
    2. Remove flag status of OPs and Keeps
    3. Stacking debuff on players that are in the vicinity (xmeters) of x number of friendlies. Call this the Agincourt debuff. Turbine could use server metrics to determine these variables...eg, high pop server would have different variables than low pop....pop is moors population.
    4. Remove any events or flips from chat window.
    5. Stacking buff for members of your fellowship that remain within xmeters from leader. Removed and debuff added when No. 3 occurs.
    6. Remove creep maps and freep mounts. Replace with 1 centrally located map that is controlled by one side depending on OP/Keep controls...if variables are not met by any one side, then map is not available.

    I need to get back to work but what would you do to influence zergs on this sort of scale.
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