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    Ascension on Arkenstone

    Ascension is a mature, progression-focused community of gamers based in Lotro's Arkenstone server. Although we are a relatively new kin, our membership includes many experienced and accomplished players with a diverse range of MMO experience - we continue to play together because we all share a kindred passion for gaming and we're always looking for new players to join our winning team.

    While our primary focus is on end-game progression, we do not limit our activities solely to PvE raiding, but instead strive to accommodate a variety of play-styles commensurate with the interests and values of our members.

    What you can expect from Ascension:

    A friendly and diverse group of players who collaborate to analyze and improve our play while still enjoying the game.

    A core group of raiders with a mindset of PvE progression and content mastery.

    A raid council whose purpose is to evaluate and provide advice to our raiders to ensure a positive raiding experience.

    PvP veterans willing to group and coordinate efforts towards success in a competitive environment.

    A Teamspeak server and Guildlaunch website to keep you informed of all kinship news.

    Access to easy grouping and casual conversation.

    For players who wish to play with Ascension but wish to remain in another kinship, we offer Ally Status, which grants the following benefits:

    1) Access to our website and forums

    2) Automatic qualification for Ascension core raids and optional application to challenge raids

    3) Credentials for our private raiding channel and Teamspeak server.

    Ascension's ideal member:

    Is raid aware, capable of demonstrating a high degree of proficiency on their primary class, and has the ability to adapt to whatever challenging situations may arise.

    Is open to accepting and delivering constructive feedback at a mature, professional level.

    Understands the importance of keeping real life drama separate from their in-game experience.

    Takes pride in the kinship and is willing to do whatever they can to propel us to even greater heights.

    Unconditional Requirements:

    You must contact an Officer/Member and obtain a recommendation from them before applying for member or ally status. This player must be able to speak to the other officers on your behalf.

    You must have Teamspeak installed and working for instances and raids. You are not required to speak, but you must be willing to listen!

    You must be active and able to represent the kin in a positive fashion.

    For those interested in applying, you can visit our website to view our application and see more information about Ascension and our achievements: http://ascensionkinship.guildlaunch.com/

    We look forward to seeing you in game!

    Onwards and Upwards!

    The Ascension Team

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    Jun 2011
    Hai Ascension

    In case you're low on applications, feel free to look in our forum:


    Best Regards

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    Ascension Trailer! Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

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    Greeting fellow gamers

    Ascension will be focusing end game and pvp with the release of HD and we are looking to bolster our roster please feel free to check out the website or swing into TS for a chat.

    Ascension has decided to open up the Teamspeak server we use for any free peoples wanting better communication or any advice, help, tips on Ettenmoors play, contact any of the officer in game for the info or look for my post on the Arkenstone pvp forums.

    Have fun all talk to you soon.

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    Ascension is still in full swing starting to raid t2c content just for kicks. We will be focusing on pvp with an open TS for all free peoples.

    Contact any of our members for information on joining kin as a member or ally.



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