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    Riders Of Rohan EPIC QUEST

    Hello, I'd like some help regarding this.
    I've been searching - searching and searching, numerous times have I found similar thread but with useless answers that didn't help me in the slightest, hence why I'm posting this.

    I recently purchased Rider Of Rohan, reaching level 76.
    I received the ingame mail stating I've been invited to the Rohan Awaits, but because it was too late I had to logout.
    I logged back in to find that the mail has gone and is no longer there, so I decided to try and find the epic quest myself assuming it was a generic fault, I did side-quests along the way (no thanks to Turbine and their buggy expansion), I was enthusiastic to reach level 80, which I currently am.
    I did the Langhold quest, etc..

    Now, I sent a ticket to the support team prior to finding this, you can't expect me to sit around waiting for them to reply and do nothing, it's unethical and in no way is it my fault that the mail miraculously disappeared.
    Now, having them sent me the mail (too late of time) I'd have already completed part of rohan awaits, I didn't know anything about not being allowed to do the Langhold quests as I DIDN'T receive the ingame mail in time!

    Here's the problem: I'm stuck on what to do, I really really want to complete the epic but can't because I have no idea where to go.
    Google and the forums don't help as I can't find anything.

    I've still got the "Rohan Awaits" quest but Langhold is in ruins and I can no longer do that as the guard isn't visible :/
    Any help would be highly appreciated as I'm starting to feel as if this is one large money holstering scam expansion pack that is endlessly buggy and incomplete.

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    Have you spoken with Galadriel in Caras Galadhon?
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    Did you complete the epic quests in the Great River region? That quest line would have left you in Caras Galadhon, in Lothlorien, talking to Galadriel, outside her home. That's where the epic quests for Rohan begin.

    If you don't have the rep (Galadhrim, I think) to enter Caras Galadhon, there is a rope to the left of the gate that is supposed to let you in to do the epic quests. Some of my group found it a little buggy, but we all managed to get in eventually.

    The quests you have already completed in Rohan are not an issue. The epic quests take you into the East Wall for starters.



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