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    Help with Blind Leaper deed


    I'm trying to get the blind leaper deed but I ran into some trouble early on when I tried to do the one at the lava pit at the Endless Stair in Nud-melek - go to 10.1s, 100.6w and jump East. I actually can't figure out how to get to the endless stair in nudmelek - I've been looking around the orc camp that's south of the second hall (I don't remember the name but it's the one headed towards the foundations of stone). Can anybody give me a rough description on how to get to the coordinates?


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    You should be able to see it from a point on the path that goes up past the entrance for the 16th Hall 6-man. There is a point where you will be able to see the endless stair in the distance, that is where you jump at.
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    Thanks! I found the path now... but I can't get to the coordinates (closest I get is 10.1 S 100.7 W) so I don't get the message saying that I have accomplished it... I'm guessing I have to jump from the higher path, before it turns and goes into those stairs right?

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    Just a note:

    There's an annoying notification bug involved with this deed--sometimes the game does not tell you that you accomplished it even if you fell down the specified area. Because of this, I recommend that you jot down the places in which you have already accomplished/have fallen down into. It'll possibly save you from committing mindless suicide and time from constantly falling into the same chasm(s) over and over again.

    The above advice is only applicable IF you know that you're falling into the specified chasm yet not receiving any notification when you should.



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