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    Best Foods To Make At Early Levels?

    Have Farming up to Artisan, and lots of food stockpiled.

    Now want to level up Cooking, and am just starting.

    Are there foods I should focus on, especially with an eye towards leveling up Cooking as cheaply and efficiently as possible?

    Foods that I can make now, and will later use as ingredients in higher level recipes?

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    You should look at the recipes you have at Novice and choose a food that uses the least amount of purchased items and the largest number of farmed (since you have a farmer) items. That holds down cost. I would not expect to be able to recoup any significant amount of money spent in the leveling effort except for what you will get from a vendor or perhaps be able to sell a bit (but lower level characters tend to not have a lot of money).

    Of all the ingredients you can make at Novice, I think pie crusts will have the most applicability since some higher level recipes do use them as ingredients. But, of course, don't go overboard on them.

    When you get basic mastery at any given level, stop and look at what would become available at the next higher tier. You may change what you are making if you see that something you can currently make will be applicable at the next tier.

    Be aware that at some levels you will have to take some extra step to get "qualified" or "mastery" so any items made until you do will be wasted if you just have stacks of ingredients, start the process, and walk away for a while. Of course, you probably know about that. In any case, I preferred to get to that last combine and then do it manually (hitting the button) and see if I could then proceed freely.

    If the cook joins the Cooking Guild, your additional consideration is getting rep with the Guild. Since the guild rep items have cooldowns, you just have to cope. A tactic you can use for later is to stockpile (as rapidly as cooldowns permit, especially once you get maxed rep) the large rep item for Master onward. 1. It allows you to make all the guild food sets if you have enough and 2. when the next expansion for the guilds rolls out, you can use the stockpiles to rapidly finish off the next level without having to cope with the cooldowns. A stockpile of ten large... repasts for each level should be plenty though they do stack higher than that. But that is up to you.

    One thing I found is that you may want to decide when you will effectively abandon a tier because the ingredients will eat up storage space.

    Good luck.

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    As novice, make tons of pie crusts. You'll need them over and over again up to Eastemnet recipes.
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    To quickly advance in cooking by making things that you can use in other recipes I would recommend pie crusts, they are used in other recipes AND they require no cooking facility! How great is that! Hard biscuits earn you a good amount of XP and are good to have in your inventory as they have good effects. If you have access to mushrooms or come across them in the auction house buy some and make mushroom pie (10xp a pie).



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