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    Soloing Ettenmoors Outposts on Hunter

    Share the many random ways you solo em... Just fo' fun
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    The way I do it is fearing the mob to avoid most of the damage and regain range.

    Have Bard's Arrow traited, and also trait Strong Intimidation for +5s duration.
    I also use light oils for the miss chanse debuff.

    Before starting the fight I set a trap. When attacking it, at first it usually does not move directly, but go into a ranged attack mode, as long as it stays out of melee get as much morale off it as possible. When its getting close, and trap is used, fear it. When fear is about to run out, get some hits in. When it gets close, fear again if its off cd, otherwise daze and run to the opposite side. Use the time while its feared to use PO/SotE/pots. Repeat.

    Note: This only works on Creep-owned OPs, I have not found a way to handle the dots from the Neutral OP-mob. Also, to make sure the feared mob doesn't reset, make sure you always position yourself so that it runs away, not towards, the stairs.

    It just takes some patience (and luck to not get ganked on half morale by some evil creep)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Graycient View Post
    Okay, yes, I'm a noob on my Hunter. I can solo outposts on EVERY other class I play (literally). Hunter... Hmm not so much guys. I can't seem to solo an outpost on him.

    Any tips from people who have done it post RoR?
    Its possible and mostly involves fearing the boss away from the steps (if that even possible in that small space), but it is VERY VERY hard and requires you to have food, oils, pots, ect... and the boss to not kill you in one hit, not to reset, and not to stun you. In the moors everyone in my kin who played PvP normally could solo a OP in the moors except the people who were on their hunters.
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    The way i have done it is to trait 5 yellow and use the yellow capstone. With distracting shot cd reduced to 30 sec, in combination with dazing blow and coth, you can stun lock the Outpost tyrant if needed to wait for power and morale regen skills and pots to come off of cd. Since this method doesn't involve fearing the tyrant you don't have to worry about accidently resetting him. This method will take some time though but is easily pulled off.

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    make sure you check the weather before you try it..... a light breeze could blow a Hunters origami paper helm off.....and Hunter paper armor will simply lop off you when it starts raining.

    try using the "Legendary Bowmaster's news magazine origami" set for when the humidity is above 50% to maintain armor integrity.



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