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    A player from Saudi Arabia asks...

    I have a friend I recommended for the game. He's there and is having an issue since the latest version came out. I know the server isnt in that area but, can he connect to it? Is there some kind of block? Or is it just install/update issues? He has a stable connection and a decent system to run it (better than my own honestly) but cant seem to go beyond the update. I'm kinda running blind so any help would be appreciated.
    (If this is the wrong place for this question, please delete or relocate. He's trying to connect to this server specifically so I figured I'd start here.)

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    Have your friend switch over to the Monster Play character screen, then switch back to the Free Peoples character screen. This should have the avatars load up. I've noticed that, after update 9, if your avatar does not load up on the character screen, and you hit play, the client will disconnect from the server after some time before actually loading. Otherwise, have him wait for the avatar to finish loading.

    edit: Alright, just read about the stopping at the update part. Just have him wait while it continues to update, or restart the client. This has very little to do with the Dwarrowdelf server, and more to do with the update servers. Plus, there's a vast amount of content to download.
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