There is a link to the thread I created in the support forums, but since it seems to me that it is plugin related I figured I would ask here.

I was having an issue where logging into certain characters was causing a memory quota error and crashing the game. Through trial and error I determined if I removed my plugins and the plugindata folder that this issue stopped.

So I thought I'd add a few at a time and see if the issue popped up again. I did this about an hour ago. I installed Bootstrap, KikiInventory, HugeBag, and TitanBar.

I went through 3 characters setting them up, and when I try to log into one that crashed yesterday (I did log into this morning after removing plugins) it is crashing again. So it seems to me it is somehow plugin related, but I just don't understand how since the character never actually loads and I never even enable the plugins.

Any ideas/advice/things I can check?