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    An idea to improve 1v1 action

    What I'm missing the most in RoR PvMP are the 1v1 encounters. Very few players are roaming the map solo and looking for those, and its true for both sides. Even spars are organised more less than they used to be at RoI times or before, at least on gilrain server, or when they are people are not interested in it because they get more infamy/renown if they are raided. I was thinking about a solution for this that there would be an arena or a separated place for those who want to do some 1v1 fights accessible from grams and gv via a gate. So with this those people who want 1v1 instead of raid can be happy, and those who want to raid can be happy aswell because they will have the whole map to play on, and the 1v1-ers wont be interrupted by others. With this way both 1v1-ers and RvR can have some action.
    To enter the 1v1 area on you will have to be at least r5 and lvl85 if freep. If you want to challenge someone in battle you will have to do the regular spar request as on freep vs freep or creep vs creep. This will prevent that people would randomly attack someone. If the spar is accepted, there will be a 10 seconds countdown to apply your buffs, eat, prepare for battle etc then the fight begins. There wont be a timer for the spars, since some freep vs creep spars can be very long, but after few mins, lets say 10+ if no one is about to die you can give up the fight in draw, otherwhise the fights go until one is dead. AoE skills are affecting only 1 target here, or more if the opponent have companion, people who are sparing can not be healed and can not be attacked by others only by the challenger. There would be a spawn in this area, so those who died can come back quickly, and maybe some vendors to buy pots. The area wouldnt be affected by the outpost buffs so none of the sides would have advantage of it if one holds more.
    Any opinions and suggestions?
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    Good idea, doubt many players will still solo with the changes though




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