The Rangers of the Northern Spirits are recruiting, we are a Rank 10 Kinship that is existing since about 5 years

Back in the days we were called Rangers of the North but we changed our name a Year or 2 ago after we Merged with The Free Spirits.

We are a Relext adult kinship with our own website and use our own TS, with mixed intrests we do Raids on a Weekly base, Spent some time in The Ettens,Weekly lotery, Helpfuly for the kinmembers that need things if/when we got time for it that is

We are not realy selective on who or what class, Age etc. joins us, every one is welcome.

So if you want to Join us send a tell ingame to Snipster( atm my main) or any other officers of the Rangers of the Northern Spirits.

Also a option is to check out our website