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    The Misty Mountains Cold RP Event

    Many rumours of dark things happening in the world beyond the snowy halls of Ered Luin have begun to weigh heavily in the thoughts of Dwallin, son of Fundin and Master of Thorin’s Hall. For many a year, upon his shoulders alone has rested the dutiful charge of defending the dwarf-realm of the Blue Mountains from insidious Dourhands and goblins who have begun to sneak back into the mountains. From his seat in the Hall of Kings, many a tale has reached his ears, each more ominous and disquieting than the first. The evil power in Mirkwood had been driven out only to reappear in greater strength in the old strongholds of Mordor. The Dark Tower has been rebuilt and the Dark Lord’s power was spreading far and wide. To the south and east there came tales of wars and a growing fear. Orcs were multiplying again in the mountains; trolls were abroad, no longer dim-witted, but cunning and armed with dreadful weapons.

    This and more troubled Dwallin greatly. Sarnur had been taken by goblins and Dourhands once more and in greater numbers; Gondamon was assailed by the foul foes of the stout dwarves of Ered Luin and turned back only with a great loss of their kinsmen. In the lofty peaks of Rath Teriag the goblins still held sway, and from here the danger seemed most pressing.

    In his darkening mind, Dwallin turned his eyes eastwards to the distant mountains. Grimbeorn the Old, son of Beorn, was now the lord of many sturdy men of the WIlderlands east of the Misty Mountains. And to their land between the mountains and Mirkwood neither orc nor wolf dared to go. Indeed, if it were not for the Beornings, the passage from Dale to Rivendell and beyond would long ago have become impossible. They were valiant men and kept open the High Pass and the Ford of Carrock. But their tolls were high and like Beorn of old they had little love of dwarves.

    But the forbidding peaks of the Misty Mountains were not wholly forsaken by Durin’s Folk. After the rise of the Shadow in the East, Glóin, who was one of the thirteen companions of Thorin Oakenshield and his son Gimli, brought news to Rivendell of foul things stirring at Erebor and the Wilderlands and sought the wisdom of Elrond Half-elven. Yet Glóin did not return to Erebor but instead, with his kinsmen, he returned to the Misty Mountains to ensure the passes from the Wilderlands would remain safe.

    Such was the news that found its way to Dwallin’s ears in Thorin’s Hall. Long did he sit with no word to ponder the tales that crept daily into his mind. Then he stood up and called froth his advisors; messengers were sent out to the halls and the low lands of Ered Luin for his kinsmen to slowly gather and begin mustering their strength.

    When his kinsmen were finally assembled, Dwallin spoke to them with grim words:

    ‘Seek Glóin at his camp in the western foothills of the Misty Mountains, far to the east of here, beyond the Lone-lands and the Trollshaws. Seek him out and warn him of the changes in the goblins' behaviour here.'

    Overview of the Event

    This event will be hosted by the kinship, Durin’s Folk, but will be open for all role-playing players in the Crickhollow server. Any rp character is welcome to join with suitable meetings beforehand with Núri or any of our kin officers. Other kinships seeking participation arerequested to speak with Núri about joining the event with their kin.

    Part One - Dwallin’s Concern/The Long Journey: The event will begin February 11th at 10pm Eastern Standard Time in Thorin’s Hall; the first phase will cover the long arduous march from Ered Luin to the Misty Mountains. Of course, such a long journey will require time to complete, so the trip will take several on-line sessions, with plenty to pauses for rest. The journey will be conducted with strict rp considerations; thus we toggle Walk for the entire march.

    This event begins with the quest suitably named Dwallin's Concern to find Gloin at his camp in the Misty Mountains.

    Part Two – Glóin’s Camp: Only here can the Longbeards still be found in the Misty Mountains, and only in this small lonely camp built amongst the crumbled ruins of older, far grander dwarf-holdings. The few brave dwarves who have come here face insurmountable odds in taming of these wild peaks, however, and the task seems impossible so long as the power of Angmar continues to grow in the far north. — Deed text

    Here Durin’s Folk will deliver the words of Lord Dwallin to Glóin and seek any aid that we may offer the tiny gathering of our kinsmen. Gloin will relate to the dwarves disturbing word of the goblins of Goblin-town and an increase of goblin activity in the passes.

    Part Three – The Rebuilding of Hrimbarg: Founded before the city of Helegrod. Hrimbarg was once called 'The Crown of the Misty Mountains' by dwarves who lived there, and they marked it as the highest dwelling of their people in all the world at that time.

    Alas, it fell neither to goblins nor giants nor dragons or other wickedness –- but tales say it fell to a great storm that drove down upon the High Pass and did not relent for five long years, choking the passes with vast mountains of ice, even burying Hrimbarg itself beneath a deep, featureless blanket of snow.

    When at last the storm relented and their fellows from Moria came north to relieve their brothers at Hrimbarg, not one dwarf was found alive, all having frozen or starved during the long years of isolation. It was decided thereafter that Hrimbarg should not be resettled, and it has stood empty for years beyond reckoning. — Deed text

    It will be in these frozen halls that Durin’s Folk will gather as they deal with the growing menace of the goblins in Goblin-town; but before the halls of Hrimbarg can be properly used as a base, the ancient defenses must be rebuilt. The ancient fortress will be broken up into sections, each requiring Ancient Iron Ore and Black Ash Wood to complete the rebuilding process. These are listed below as well as their rebuilding status:

    North Gate: [No Repairs] 50 chunks of Ancient Iron ore and 25 logs of Black Ash Wood
    East Gate: [No Repairs] 50 chunks of Ancient Iron ore and 25 logs of Black Ash Wood
    Inner Courtyard and Walls: [No Repairs] 50 chunks of Ancient Iron ore
    Upper Courtyard: [No Repairs] 50 chunks of Ancient Iron ore
    Thorgest’s Haven: [No Repairs] 50 chunks of Ancient Iron ore and 25 logs of Black Ash Wood
    Stables: [No Repairs] 25 chunks of Ancient Iron ore and 25 logs of Black Ash Wood. Until the Stables are rebuilt, the Stable-master at Hrimbarg may not be used, either for trips to or from the ancient fortress. A secondary requirement for the use of Stable-masters will be the completion of Part Four – Securing the Passes.

    The rebuilding supplies will be delivered to Gloin's Camp; from there a waggon-train must be escorted to Hrimbarg safely. This will be run as an rp event and will entail three seperate escorts to be brought to the ancient dwarf-hold for use in the rebuilding. each waggon-train will deliver 85 Chunks of Ancient Iron Ore and 45 Logs of Black Ash Wood.

    Part Four – Securing the Passes: This portion of the event will run concurrently with Part Three - The Rebuilding of Hrimbarg. It involves maintaining regular patrols between the wind-swept and remote camp of Vindurhal and Hrimbarg. Three seperate rp patrols will be sent out along the long path from Hrimbarg to Vindurhal, with orders to deal with the foes dwelling unchecked in the passes.

    A secondary requirement for the use of Stable-masters will be the completion of Part Three – The Rebuilding of Hrimbarg.

    Part Five – Goblins at the Gate: Once we arrive at Glóin’s Camp bringing the dire words from Lord Dwallin, the final portion of the event will begin. This entails the use of the Investigating Goblin-town quest chain.

    Part Five will be conducted as a scheduled rp event, and run side by side with Parts Three and Four. Núri will announce the schedule of each of the five quests to be used.
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    Like always, I stand in awe of your ambition and talent. *slow clap* That looks very impressive.

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    After some consideration (with the prospect of boring grinding of some parts of the event), there has been some changes implemented to run the event more smoothly. Also the overall purpose of the event was not too clear for some so I also tried to state it better

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    Rulf will be ready to march



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