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    Horse-lord bracelet recipes, multi-outputs

    I havent seen screenshots of these new recipes, actually taken in-game. I was lucky to get vital bracelet recipe. Here are screenshots of all outputs from that recipe.
    Luckily critted also that tanking one

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    Here are all outputs from Agility bracelet.

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    Do you know where Ancient Riddermark Scroll Case II drops?
    Or is it any level 85 humanoid mob?
    I heard it might be Hytbold crafting instances only?:S
    I would really like to change my username but i can't.

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    They can drop from any humanoid 85 mob, except in public hytbold daily instances (which have loot disabled completely). Note that the dropchance is extremely low, estimates are around 0.01% - 0.1%.
    The bosses in the crafting instances have a somewhat higher dropchance according to patchnotes, but it's still very low.
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