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    volume II. Epilogue: gorothul of dol guldur

    Is it possible to do this quest solo like some of the other epic quests? If so, do I need to visit a specific person to pick up the solo "version"? thanks.

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    The Epilogue of Volume 2 has some quests which are not soloable, this is one of them. (Okay, technically some Über player could probably set the instance to its minimum level and solo it, but I admit that at 85 I could not solo a level 65 6-man instance.)
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    as said above, there is no "solo" version of this instance, but depending on your gear/skill/level/class, it can be soloed. I soloed this at 75 on my warden (level 65 instance, before it was scaled). at 85 it probably is solable by some other classes as well, if set to 65, but it would still be much easier with at least one other. I'd imagine most duos could manage 20 levels over without too much difficulty. on level you would definitely need a group
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    Just a quick, somewhat related note:

    All 'Foreword' and 'Epilogue' quests are not actually part of the Epic Quest even though they may be listed below the corresponding tab. Because of this, there really isn't "special thing" that you can undertake to bypass and advance through the quests--by "special thing," I'm alluding to the ability to either the solo or group instance in Volume II, Book 7: Chapter 3.

    Other than that, it is possible to solo this instance...
    ...and an easier time if you are a warden.
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    too bad it cant be soloed (for the most part) but no worries. thanks for the help

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    Quote Originally Posted by garythfla View Post
    too bad it cant be soloed (for the most part) but no worries. thanks for the help
    At lvl 95 at actually can, when you set the instance to lvl 65, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNuKfkRexfw
    The First boss is a pain when he set everything in flame. I always succumbed as a loremaster at that point, but with 2 Lm's, both lvl 95, both with a bog guardian and Keeper of Animals full traited (sick'm all!!), it was easy to do.

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    This may not be quite as easy come U13. Even that over level.
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