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    PLEASE help with horrible camera/lock/something problem!

    ... to add insult to injury, the forum ate my post and logged me out, twice now, so here goes again:

    I was in the middle of a battle, dying, when I hit level 8 (might have been 7). A new tip popped up but I was trying not to die so I closed it real quick. I think it has something to do with some sort of camera/POV/auto-something setting. Ever since that very moment on I have been having the worst gaming experience possible. I don't recall this happening with my other characters.

    I don't even know how to explain it... if I select something, with either left or right click, and I try to walk, it's like my character is focused on that one thing. If I try to walk away using right click to change the camera view, as soon as I release it my view snaps back to whatever I clicked on. If I don't right click to change my view, and I just walk in any direction, my character just faces whatever direction and walks that way, the camera doesn't move, the character does.

    It's like a driving game made of bad design nightmares.

    I tried resetting -all- the things in Options. Still no go. I did this several times, in fact, because I kept fiddling with the controls thinking it was this or that. Nop.e

    And then I tried to live with it. Figured maybe I'd get used to it and it would be a better way to play. NO. No it is not.

    Please. Please help. I beg of you. I'm at my wits end. I'm not the crying sort of lady, but I will be if I can't fix this. The only thing I can think to do is reinstall the game and that would take -days-. I want to play noooooow. *whine.

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    press x again
    then go to the bottom of keybindings and unbind it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nakiami View Post
    press x again
    then go to the bottom of keybindings and unbind it
    Oh dear sweet bejeebus. THANK YOU. A great weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can go on with my life now.



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