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    Nov 2012

    Jeweller Doing Work

    Hello all!

    I noticed that sometimes there's a lack of Jewellers willing to turn your gems into their polished versions. To that effect, I'm offering to polish gems.

    Tier 1 - Agates and Amethysts - 1 Silver apiece
    Tier 2 - Rubies and Sapphires - 1 Silver apiece
    Tier 3 - Adamants - 2 Silver apiece
    Tier 4 - Beryl and Moonstones - 2 Silver apiece

    The character's name is Gaimo. Feel free to send me a Tell about it or Mail me if I'm not on. If you're F2P or for whatever reason can't send money, I also accept items of equal value in trade.

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    Wow. Not only you get the Crafting-XP but also Char-XP and money! That's a great deal for you! Not so much for others.

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    You're new to the game.?.

    Allow me to explainsomething... If you are a jeweller, you can polish your own stones. If you are not a jeweller; you have no use for polished stones. Therefore, you needn't expect to receive much business.

    Let's go hunt some Orc!



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