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    Dressage Quest - Remove / Keep?

    The Quest "Dressage" is broken again, should it be:
    1) Kept in game?
    2) Removed from the game and from the list of quests required for completion of related deeds i.e. "Aiding the Norcrofts?
    Your votes (KEEP / REMOVE) on a postcard below...

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    My only complaint about is that it seems to turn up far more often than I'd like. Other than that it's a fairly quick and dirty 5 tokens from a quest that wont be heavily affected by lag or banding.

    The guy on his horse only seems to know 5 emotes and the only issue I've seen people have is mistaking charge and cheer by going in too fast with their response.

    It'd be nice if the rng for spitting out the dailies had some kind of safeguard to ensure that all the quests that can be offered are actually given as options in the space of a week. Grinds are boring but no reason to enhance the boredom from the quests on offer.

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    I've mistook charge for cheer, but corrected right away and got credit. I think it should stay. Easy 5 tokens.



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