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Thread: Your opinion ?

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    Your opinion ?

    I’m a level 60 ‘Champion’, looking to consolidate what I think is my reasonably powerful character by backtracking and completing deeds/instances etc to advance traits as high as possible before moving on. Also maximising my legendary weapon before heading into more difficult areas.

    Is this strategy the best way forward ?

    Is there a level by level chart by which players can see if they are behind or ahead of where they should be ?

    I’d be interested in hearing your views/opinions…!

    m thanks


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    Backtracking for deed traits is always a good thing to do, though personally I tend to get really bored of it quickly so I alternate between deeding and leveling on another character. Either that or choose to deed in areas where I have quests I never did or resources I can farm to sell, or have there be something else in the area to do instead of just kill kill kill. Though if you're backtracking I don't think you can level your LI as well, grey mobs don't give LI exp I think...?

    Also somebody here made something that will compare your characters stats to other character's of that class on that level so you can see what the 'average' is, though I can't find the link for it atm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chieth View Post
    though I can't find the link for it atm.

    At your service...

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    Thank you so much!
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