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Thread: Checking in

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    Checking in

    It has been awhile and seems things haven't changed much with hunters. I am downloading the update now, but not sure if I will be wading back into the frigid waters again. A 10 level grind plus grinding armor, weapons, LIs just to lose badly in the moors isn't a fun thought anymore.

    So many have asked for changes and we get things that have nothing to do with fixing what the core of a hunter is...... ranged dps with a dual wielding MELEE toon. Go figure.... turbine and the devs along with the palantir sycophants will keep hunters the way they are now... nice to have in pve and complete garbage in PVP... love the brand discusssion for creeps by the way. Hope for change, but expect the arrow shaft hunters. I, and many others, have posted, ranted, and now moved on because there is no support for our class. The hunter is so far from its origins that to bring it back would be a MASSIVE undertaking that no one in turbine wants to tackle it much less has any clue on how to do it.

    It seems we do well in the mounted sections, so maybe I will try some horseplay. I will not be going to the moors anytime soon and wish luck to all those that do. It isn't about freep and creep anymore it is now class on class warfare that makes balance a huge headache. Hunters are looked on as fine... good ranged dps, good cc and we now have survivability.... lol... so play on players. Don't dig too deep devs you may find the bodies of hundreds of hunters who believed that the above was true. I do hope it gets better but right now I am with the Lorax... it won't unless someone cares, and cares a lot it won't get better it will not.

    I await those who will come on and say if you don't play to 85 then don't speak.. what do you know.. I know patterns, and this one keeps playing out over and over again. Without a major overhaul a hunter will be food like it has been for the last two years. Twice hunters shined.. and were punished for those sins. Funny thing is I played creep when that happened and as our light waned creeps have waxed. Good luck to you all, I may restring my bow just to see, but I don't think I will grind to be a top tier hunter again.... not worth it.


    Vyxe said, "Cheer up it could be worse out here tonight." So we all cheered up, and wouldn't you know it.... things got worse!

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    yeeeeep. pretty much spot on.

    btw the Lorax isn't here anymore. he got pounced by a warg and ripped to shreds.



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