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    Highest DPS creep class?

    so i've been fiddling with my creeps for a while, and I cant seem to find a clear winner for highest DPS.

    You would think Reaver would be the winner, but Reaver DPS skills seem a bit lackluster (most regular rotation skills only hit for the 400-600 range) and all of the big hit skills have clumsy requirements and/or long cooldowns, and its DPS just shrivels when hitting a heavy class with self heals like champ

    Then there is Warg, in all its critting glory, but VS a heavy class its DPS also is not impressive, and is about on-par with Reaver.

    Spiders are a real contender, with some very impressive DPS with all DOTs stacked up.... but that's the thing.... all dots stacked up. keeping them all up and getting them all down takes time...

    BA is there in the Running, and their Armour penetration is good VS heavies and lights, but Im not sure exactly where they stand compared to the others. I don't see them doing all that much more in-action.

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    DPS as in actual damage per second isn't too easy to calculate, it all depends against which class.

    There are still 2 main damage differences for me, and it's burst-DPS vs Sustained-DPS

    Spiders have some nice DPS, but removable DOT's without any real burst-damage isn't fully reliable, especially not in RvR situations.

    Wargs have sustained reliable DPS, and i think it would win it for me in that type.

    BA's have some epic burst damage, however their cooldown-reliant, hence why for me the Reaver wins overall.

    Reavers have some nice dot's, of which only 1 is removable, impale hits like a truck, bypasses some mitigation and the additional up to +100% damage from it completely ignores mits.
    Alongside dev strike, as well as some nice overall sustained DPS with other skills.
    With impale having a 20s cooldown and dev-strike a 30s cooldown i'd say that for burst-dps the reaver wins, overall DPS as in versitility in types it also wins, i'd like to see a comparison with wargs though.....

    Anyhow my 2c


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    Reaver xD They doesn´t scale skills dmg to lvl 85. They just give impale (great skill btw). Now Reaver just use lacerate, mutilation, jagged gut, thrash and impale. yeehaa. Against freeps light armour after dots rally and impale, they have easy job heal full morale again

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    Spiders also have a pet to add to their DPS.

    On CG npc's I can burst out about 1500 - 2K DPS with a ranged pet.

    on freeps I can hit them for 1K on some skills and I've hit 6K with drink deep on a freep.

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    for sustained DPS (like when fighting a major NPC) I think spider + ranged pet has the highest.
    when the ranged pet dies, reaver overtakes in sustained DPS numbers (just barely though).

    But: outside of fighting boss-type NPCs, sustained DPS is not really all that relevant...

    For Burst-damage, Wargs are decent.
    Black arrows have even more burst, in my opinion the best "on demand" burst abilities - but they are gated with rather long cool-downs. And if they try to go for sustained dps, they run into power issues quickly.
    Reaver burst is not quite as "on demand" as the Black-arrow version (requires more build-up), but they offer the best combo of burst and sustainable damage capability - especially as they can do their damage-spikes more often then black-arrows.



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