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    Level 85 Jewelry and Cape

    I recently hit level 85 after a long hiatus from the game, and I'm not sure what gear to aim for. I'll get the Protector set from Hytbold, but what jewelry and cape are best at level 85?

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    We'll probably get some better jewellery in the next update. Until then, here's my (possibly horribly uninformed) opinion.

    The best pocket item is probably either Charred Armour Fragments or the new level 85 Western Seas Navigation Chart. Kinda depends if you want more vit or more crit.

    The best bracelets are the brand new gold crafted ones - good luck getting a recipe, then getting a crit from them, though. (Link taken from the general forum). I'm still using my kindred rep ones from Galtrev - those were some really nice level 75 bracelets, especially considering they were easy to get.

    Rings - the one you upgrade from the battered ring, probably. I'm using one of those + a crafted one.

    No clue on a good necklace, using a crafted one right now, just the teal guild recipe one.

    Ditto for earrings.

    Cloaks - I haven't seen anything better than Dragioch's cloaks yet. And at least on my server, there are still a fair number of Dragioch groups being PUGed, though it's not incredibly common like before RoR came out. There are some decent cloaks that have a chance to drop from the level 85 instances, as well, though I'm pretty sure they don't match up, stat-wise.

    Really, aside from the gold bracelets and the pocket item, and maybe the cloak, I would bet some in-game gold we'll have better choices once the next update hits, which will probably be a month or so from now. I wouldn't go farming for anything else, and instead see if there's a friendly guild jeweler in your kin instead.

    Looking forward to other opinions, though, pointing out stuff I haven't seen/don't remember!

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    Clearly depends on your playstyle.

    I build my minstrel like this :
    ~1100 vit ( close to 35-36% mitigations unbuffed )
    ~2.9k will with tale
    ~500 fate with tale
    ~18% crit with tale but no cappy buff
    >1600 icpr

    If thats a build you like / aim for then go for these :

    Gear : Hytbold +10% healing and a gold horselords item. I realise those are hard to get but it's highly possible you'll get
    at least one while doing hytbold quests and stuff. If you are ain't lucky , go for full hytbold heal or 5 heal + 1 skald which sometimes has better stats.

    Earrings : 2 mathom-tenders , 150 will 113 vitality from moria skirmishes.
    There are more earrings out there , mostly from BG and other skirms , but i use 2 of those atm for stat stacking.

    Necklace : Orthanc golden one is certainly the best atm , but if you can't get that , go for necklace of the wary troll
    from great goblin 3-man.

    Bracelets : Golden ones are certainly the best . If you are lucky , you get a recipe or you loot the class-gold one
    from erebor 3-mans ( the class bonus it gives is dps intented but the stats are great ). If you don't manage to get these
    go for either golden bangle from Iorbar's peak for high crit chance or gwillions bracelet from storm of methedras for nice
    stat stacking.

    Rings : Ring from attack at dawn / icy crevasse skirmish raid and Cargaraf's ring from BG twins are by far the best imo.

    Cloak : Sheer spider silk cloak from webs of the scuttledells 3-man is one of the best choices.
    Note that are MANY MANY good cloaks for will classes in the game , mostly from skirmishes.

    Happy hunting and good luck ( especially luck since its very important nowadays ).

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    If you can get a hands on a Draigoch cloak, they are still pretty great end-game. I currently am using the Vitality version of the Eomer cloak due to the fact that I have ample power and thought I could use more of a boost to my morale.

    Jewellery: The skraid jewels from Moria are pretty wonderful, such as the Earring of the Mathom Tender, and the Maia Touched Band (Which will be great during U10 because of the high fate). Prancing Pony and Thievery & Mischief drop the Careworn Earring, Chain of Heavy Knowledge and the Diamond Flecked Wristlet which are fairly common drops and easy to get your hands on if you are persistent enough with running the skraids week to week. The Dol Guldur and Erebor instances also both have some really great jewel drops but take a lot of grinding (The Teal version of the Great Goblin will necklace is beautiful for minis!)



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