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    Cel-crus, Gwir-palvais


    I'm looking for Cel-crus and Gwir-Palvais to use as cosmetic. Does anyone have this? Maybe i can borrow it or buy it from you ??

    Pls respond !

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    personally I'd reccomend the Riders silken shirt that you can get from the rohirrim rep vendors in Galtrev, goes really well with gwir-palvais, and is much easier to get then cel-crus

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    You should mention which server you play on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laire View Post
    You should mention which server you play on
    Ha! You beat me to it.
    Yes, server please!

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    I play at the Imladris server *facepalm that i forgot that*

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    So does anyone in the Imladris server has these for me ??



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