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    Wink Looking for a Kin

    I am very new to the game and don't have experience with other mmorpg either. I am looking for a kinship that can help me grow and learn. I would prefer a smaller kin of close friendly people than a large group where no one really knows each other. The first character I have played with is an Elf Hunter (currently level 23) who has worked a little in woodworking. I have also played with a Hobbit Burglar (currently level 15). I was also thinking of creating a minstrel. So far I have really enjoyed playing and am looking to make some friends I can play with. I am on the east coast USA and am on at random times (no set schedule) so I am looking for something casual, where people won't be mad if I am not on every single day at specific times. I think having friends to play with will make me want to play more. I am in my 30s but love to goof around at times, play should have both serious and fun aspects to it. I like to explore and roleplay a little bit. So, if I sound like a good match for your Kinship, please let me know.

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    Hi There,

    Sadly you are in a different server to which myself and my kin play in, but if you ever decide tolay on the arkenstone server, send a tell to myself or any of the officers of Alliance of Hope and we would love to have you play with us. We are a casual kin with no expectations and like to help new players and have a nice friendly atmosphere.

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    take a look at this thread and see if we might fit you


    If we seem to be a good match for you please let me know so we can try to arrange a meeting.
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    Sounds like the Darkwood Marauders are what you are looking for.

    Darkwood Marauders of Imladris

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    Thank you all for responding. After reading and searching it looks like I have found a kinship that should suit me well.



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