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    How in the world do I beat Mazog to Achardor? Vol II, Book 8 Chapt. 3

    This is driving me crazy. The bugger is always faster than I am, what with the random mud. Trying to follow the torches just gave him an even bigger lead. Hopping in the water does not seem to make me go any faster. What am I missing? I don't have any speed buffs.

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    I too had trouble with the water route, so I found a route that is all (or nearly all - it's been several months since I last did this book) overland. It's not hard to figure out, and you can take a dry run or two before talking to Mazog.

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    At first it may appear so, but eventually he will take an wrong turn right through the middle of the swamp while the torchs will lead you to a mostly "dry" path. Just follow the torches and you should be able to reach Achardor with plenty of spare time.

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    I had the same problem, mainly cause I found the first couple torches really hard to follow [maybe it was just my view distance] but yeah Nickysmom offers some great advice: map out your route beforehand before you talk to Mazog.

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    Ignore Mazog. Follow the blue torches. You will always get there first with plenty of time. The only difficulty if you get lost - can not see the next torch.
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    Thank you all, here goes!

    Edit: It worked! I ran right instead of straight ahead, up the ramp, across the little gap that looks like you shouldn't be able to jump over it but you can easily, down the other ramp and then along the stone path with the blue lamps and I didn't even SEE him when I got to Achardor. Yay, thank you all!
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