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    Massive Lag in Ettenmoors

    Don't need to write wall of text here, there's a lag problem in this server. If there are 2 raids fighting each other, Mr. Lag shows up. (at least in Ettenmoors)

    People are complaining about this, sending tickets etc. (i even got respond to my ticket in record time) , but nothing has changed yet. I really wonder if you care about this situation.

    To be honest, Ettenmoors is unplayable sometimes because of the lag. I don't want to wait for 5 seconds to use a skill anymore, really. There's a lag problem in this server that's obvious but the bigger problem is that either Turbine isn't working on it or whatever they do it's not working. At least an announcement about this would be fine.
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    Indeed, I've hardly been there since this laaaag issue has reared its ulgy head. No idea what the cause is, clearly a server issue tho, skills unable to be used and just totally unplayable when two raids meet.. and yet nothing seems to be spoken about it by the Devs.

    Just what is the issue Turbine and what are you doing about it?

    A simple question that we all want to know the answer to .. but I doubt any will come... /sigh

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    I really would like an official response to this legitimate point
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    Even if the hardware you are using is the latest then Turbine will blame your connection. That means you will have to check your ISP about reducing your connection during game time as the data load is high during this time. Nota bene, i was in florida during the weekend with a &&&&&& hotel connection of 0,5 Mbps and a loss of 3-20%. Despite the lag spikes i had with big loss the lag, in general, wasn t bad at all ! the latency was 20-40ms!!! now back at home here in Switzerland my connection was 40 Mbps yet latency at 140ms. i am sure that turbine knows how &&&&&& the connectivity is from Europe but since the US players are satisfied i guess they don t care.
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    Latency is not issue, we all long time know that with servers moving to US latency increased, its the 5-6seconds freezes that are bad. Not happeing only in EM, but in raids in general, even in 3mans. With mates we can actualy talk on TS when the lagg comes, to all ppl in the same time, all in diferent locations, with diferent connections, we can shout "owww laaaag" 12 ppl at the same time, game graphic like snowing and stuff are going on, but skills/mobs aint doing anything. This is the worst in my opinion.
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    Saturday and Sunday i did some PVP and the lag was really terrible that i decided to leave othlon raid cause i was having 5 10 sec of skill lag , also creeps were freezing and i died 3 5 times dunno how ....



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