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    Trollshaw troll slayer deed for zeal

    Woodtrolls of gladdalf counts or not? the regular trolls are hardly killable for my lvl 68 warden...not hard that way, just slow...and no one wanna do it with me. so dont say glff

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    wood trolls count afaik, but there are normal trolls in the ruins northeast of Thorenhad as well (if by "regular" you're thinking of are the sigs in Tal Bruinen), and this is where I've always done the deed

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    All the way to the north of the North Trollshaws there is a place infested with woodtrolls that count towards the deed. They are sig's and not so hard to kill and you can just make a circular movement there without having to wait for respawn. I always do it there.

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    There are several parts of the epic where you can complete the troll slayer while under the effects of inspiration. One involves searching caves full of trolls for a black rider.

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    Later in the epic you get a quest where you go with Legolas into gladdalf:
    You get a lot of woodtrolls and because of inspiration you get them down quite fast. And you can do it as often as you like, there is a quest to repeat it by the reflecting pool in Rivendell

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    Why don't you kill the trolls around Minas Agpr? Or the trolls around or in the three public Epic Troll Dungeons. Get the killing over with?
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