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    alot of things should be changed to make this subject more attractive.

    first of all - all of houses are smaller than they should be. larger hobbit's house has 3 rooms including 2 small rooms. i know they werent rich but when we look inside bilbo's house we could find that there could be few rooms more.
    my idea is to add another Hobby to fishing which should be related to house upgrading.
    house upgrading could be related to doing some quests. quests should be related to:
    - discover recipes/schematics etc. which allow to design external and internal view of house.
    - gather materials which could be more or less rare which prevent players to grind them all days long. these materials are: bricks, wood, cement, window decorations, etc etc. items like that could be mob's loot or stand alone pile like wood/ore
    - bigger upgrade yo want, more materials you need - its logical

    second of all - 2 chests are not enough. players should have posibility to buy 3rd, 4th or even 5th chest, especially if 1 house is designed for all characters per account.

    third of all - increase taxidemists trophees. one of cutest things ive seen when i started to play Lotro 2,5y ago was the vision of my own house with many decorations. all i had to do was to find those decorations. now, after all these years i think numbers of decorations should be constantly increased. more painting, more animal trophies, more boss trophies, maps, statues, weapons. even some looks-like-a-trash items: pots, dishes, etc. etc.

    fourth of all - further updates. hobbits hole should allow to add some basements which should lead to large dungeons like those inside hobbit house which is near great tree in hobbiton and which was a scene of events. then all of players could say "my house is different than yours"

    fifth of all - same should be done with kinship houses. they are large, but could be larger. i have an idea to create some big kinship quests which lead to upgrade kinship houses. same as above, gathering mats, designs, etc.
    perhaps you should think about removing neighbourhoods and make own neighbourhoods for each player and kinship house which lead to create very huge complexes. giving players some work to build very original (kinship)houses would keep them busy at the end game.

    but now i made my own 2nd kinship just to wait for a proper lvl which allow me to build kinship house which will be my own house. isnt sad?

    this game is dying quicker than we're thinking. devs should do something to keep us playing.


    lacks of language. i hope you understand majorities.

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    This guy above me

    + REP

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    Housing thoughts

    - Escrow this is the feature that broke housing in the first place. As it stands the moment something is returned to you or you abandon a house all items go into escrow for exactly 28 days I believe is the number. There are many people who leave the game for months even years before they return for one reason or another. If Escrow is to have a timer for how long it exists it should go off your next login date. So you'd have x days after you next login to get your gear. It was because of players losing their gear after 28 days in the first place that housing became determinant.

    - Neighborhoods need to generate when none of the top 2 deluxe and standard homes are available. We all know each housing area has those special deluxe and standard home locations that are just the perfect spots and cost more than your normal home.

    - The ability to move your house to another neighborhood in the same homestead and location. This would make it a bit easier for people to create friend and kinship neighborhoods.

    - New Housing areas would be nice for Lothlorien, East Rohan, the Stoors, Moria, Dale and Erebor. Dale was just fully created for an instance why not reuse this for housing. Similarly use the Entrance for Erebor and then create an interior for housing. Lothlorien has flets galore I'd love to have one. Rohan we alrady rebuild Hytbold so lets have a Hytbold housing instance. We've gone in and secured some sections of Moria why not have one of these be a housing location. The Stoors is one group of shoe wearing hobbits everyone remembers, they would make a good new hobbit hole location.

    - Housing Locking originally this never existed and we were evicted the moment we didn't keep up with our upkeep. Then it got introduced because of all the outcry. So why not compromise. If the escrow system is fixed as I describe above then we can edit how locking works as well. Houses will lock up to X months. Personally I think it should be about a years time period as typically if you are coming back you will within a year.

    - Permissions we really need to be able to set permissions for each chest. If you have access to chests you should be able to pay upkeep on a house. For people in a Kin there should be an option for Kin Member, Kin Officer and Kin Leaders access on the different permissions.

    - Zoning out of housing. We really need to have it made so that you can be summoned into/out of, hunter port in, self port out, instance join while inside housing.

    - The ability to chose if you would like your house to have a seasonal change. Maybe even let us 'purchase' the seasonal appearance for our house to slot in an Exterior Seasonal Theme.

    - Stables need to be added outside of the housing areas be it at the npcs that sell you the housing or right by the gates. These stables would have destinations of the nearest locations and swift travels to the other housing zones. So Bree Housing would have South Bree, Combe, Forsaken Inn and the other housing zones.

    - Crafting area for homesteads be it ovens, forges, workbenches, studies we can buy to use in our homes or a central crafting area within housing. This should include farmland. Things like our housing fireplaces and Large Fire Pits could have area of affects added to them to allow cooking.

    - Expansions onto your existing house. Let it be so that you can buy or self expand the house yourself without having to go and buy a new type of house. The Housing Idea thread has a well thought out way this can be accomplished. There could be different types of room expansions for each housing area. Hall ways, down hill corridor to a room, stairs up to an attic, stairs down to a basement, etc.

    - Housing NPCs it would be nice to have more variety to them. Put some children, dogs, cats, horses around. It would also be good to have npcs like taxidermists in the neighborhoods.

    - A closet to move all bound housing items into. This wouldn't require you to be the owner of the item.

    - The ability to move bound items that don't belong to you within the same house so long as you have decoration permissions.

    - Housing Hooks is a system I greatly dislike but if we have to keep it then we need to add a lot more to this system. First there needs to be a LOT more hooks around the houses. Only a few houses have ceiling slots on them and in bad places even. If an item fits in a Thin furniture slot it should fit in all furniture slots Thin, Large, Special. If its Large then it should fit in Large and Special. Similar for wall and exterior slots. We need special slots outside and inside houses for the Property Guards(great addition Scarycrow!) During the Property Guards discussion we learned that to add new hooks every single instance would have to be manually edited one at a time for each hook added. So if the Escrow example named further above would be used then why not force evict everyone with a full housing refund so that we can rebuy houses. Then you can do 1 instance for each zone and then have the system recreate the duplicate zones off the master.
    -It would be nice if there were two levels of hooks. Display and Function. So that if for instance you had a Moria Keg you could have that placed in the Function slot and then have it so the Display is the Mini Keg from Hytbold.
    -Where there is a small wall have it so there are two small walls there one below and one above. That way we can hang pictures,etc and have book shelves etc all in one general space.
    -There should be multiple Small furniture spaces placed around a Large furniture spot so that stools/chairs can be placed if a table is used.

    - More types of Property Guards or the ability to 'skin' them like we can our Skirmish soldiers. Right now we have generic Hobbits, Dwarves, Men of Bree and Warrior Elves aside from the nice new Rohirrim men/women and the dog. Additional types of guards would be nice like the trained caveclaw from the Treasure Hunt, a cat, children of the different races, LM pets both combat and noncombat.
    - Exterior pool item for houses. Let people wade around in a nice little pool.
    - Fountains from the different areas would be nice. We have a lot of styles around from the Shire, Bree, Rohirrim, etc... We only currently have the Swan fountain though that we can use for housing.
    - Personal Horse Stable. Make it so in housing there is a horse stable vendor that has every normal horse skin on it. You are only able to procure the horse styles that your character personally owns. You then place a stable item on an exterior hook and your horse will appear. This could also be done for nontacked Warsteeds but it would go off the display coloring of the character that places it.
    - Exterior House paints and styles. Add these for Woodworkers and Scholars. The Paints could just be a reuse of the interior wall paints.
    - Mannequins for inside our houses would be very nice where we can go in and slot gear that we have. Either that or put in a display case.
    - Wall mounts for our weapons to be put on display. Show off that really nice looking Staff from Annuminas or that Bow from Angmar.
    - Make it so any piece of furniture chat has a chair/stool/sofa/bed can be properly sat, lie down on, etc. Items like the Large/Small Fire pits, any Chair from Hytbold, etc.
    - Mirrors were introduced with Rohan. Lets get some for housing.
    - The ability to have snowball fights within your yard and neighborhood. Reduce Perfect Snowball skill down in time and if set to Winter have snowball piles for people to gather snowballs to throw.

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    Chests (a simple idea overcomplicated)

    Most things I'm looking for have been mentioned, but one thing that would be nice is changeable chests. What I mean by this is that we have a certain number of chests we can have for each house type, as now, but we can choose where (if hook based, have like 10 "Storage" or "Chests" slots, if open placement, then anywhere).


    Slots: Currently a normal house has 1 chest, deluxe has 2, kin has 3.
    I propose:
    Normal House:
    With Coin, purchaseable Chest Slots:

    With TP, additional purchaseable Chest Slots*:
    Deluxe House:
    With Coin, purchaseable Chest Slots:

    With TP, additional purchaseable Chest Slots*:
    Kinship House:
    With Coin, purchaseable Chest Slots:

    With TP, additional purchaseable Chest Slots*:
    None, as it would be difficult to do with multiple people's permissions

    * You can purchase any slots with TP instead of Coin if you wish, but there are a couple slots that can only be bought with TP.

    Coin Costs for each slot:
    1:50s, 2:250s, 3: 1g, 4:3g, 5:10g, 6:25g, 7:75g, 8:200g

    TP Costs for each slot (max depends on house type):

    Also, importantly, chests will now add to housing upkeep in order to provide "insurance" for a logical reason for it, however, it will also be to make the system limit itself so that chracters do not pay once and get a ton of "vault" space- it will discourage buying tons of space if you can't afford it or dont want to invest that much. Each chest in a Normal House will add 5s to the upkeep, each in the Deluxe will add 10s, and Kinship will add 25s per chest. Thus, a Normal house, with all chests, will cost 65s per week, a Deluxe with all slots, 170s, and Kinship with all slots, 500s. This will make the Normal and Deluxe houses debateably equal- Deluxe offers more space and 2 more slots, but for a decent amount more, and Normal offers smaller space, and only 3(5 with TP) slots for a cheaper price. If you only want the house for item Storage, you might choose Normal, where as if you want for Storage and Decorating, you will go for Deluxe. This should increase the desire for each type, moreso than they currently are.


    Also, different sizes of chests. Currently it's 30 slots per chest*.
    Tiny: 20 slots (4x5;NPC bought, Crafted** (tier 2) )
    Small: 30 slots (6x5; Crafted**(tier 4), Treasure Chests(at festival event) )
    Medium: 40 slots (8x5; Crafted** (tier 8), kindred reputation(from vendors)*** )
    Large: 50 slots (10x5; Shadows of Angmar, Mines of Moria Meta Deed Rewards [ALONG WITH THE FREAKING WAR-STEED APPEARANCES! THEY'RE CALLED WAR-STEEDS ALREADY!!! ] )
    Huge: 60 slots (12x5; Turbine Store (1300 TP), World Renowned Reward, Tower of Orthanc final deed, Ost Dunhoth final deed [to reward persistance] )

    *All chests are BtA when placed
    **Crafted are the only that can be sold/traded - they will require like 25 (treated logs for woodworker; highest tier metal for metalsmith) and a/multiple shard/crest of the tier to craft
    ***Kindred Rep Chests would be BtA automatically, and generally exist for the unique looks of different Region's styles throughout Middle-earth


    Random little idea:
    As asked for in the Kinship Revamp Thread in Suggestions, I think there should be a Kinship Bank, where you can deposit money and take it out, requiring a reason and possibly rank (that said, we need customizable ranks). This would help with the Kinship house chest purchases, as the last 3 slots cummulatively cost 300g, and also to automatically pay off upkeep as it is about to expire, if enabled by the kin leader or successor; but the feature would also just be very nice to have in general. Also, alliances between kins would be nice to
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    How about the ability to actually, I don't know...to be able to buy a house! ;P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pluck View Post
    4. I know this would never happen, but I wish youd just trash the housing instance idea and just let us buy npc housing in the game world itself, ala EQ2. I know that means we would lose our outside yards, but Id love to be able to ride up to hobbiton and click on one of the dwellings there to enter my house! To me, the housing zones are lonely and depressing, I never, ever see ANYONE around. Lets breathe some life back into the starting zones!
    This is how housing should have been done from the beginning. It would liven up the actual in-game world rather than making these hundreds of identical fictitious neighborhoods that are usually completely dead. Unfortunately, I doubt they'll implement such a radical change to the housing system, but one can dream... They could stuff hundreds of houses/"apartments" in Bree and it would feel so much more alive. There's also a ton of wasted, blank space in Michel Delving (the Mathom House hill, for instance, is quite bare) in which they could put hobbit holes. The same goes with Thorin's Hall and Ered Luin, and even some housing in Rivendell and other higher-level areas.

    Even so, there are plenty of non-enterable houses already in existence in the game world that could be converted to player housing for a very high price.

    Some would argue that implementing such changes would destroy the 'feeling' and 'atmosphere' of Tolkien's world, but has that really been the goal of this game from the start? There are hundreds of Dwarves and Elves running around Bree-land for instance, and hundreds of hobbit heroes that we somehow never heard about from Tolkien... so in that sense, I don't see how open-world housing is any different from the other lore-breaking aspects of the game.

    Again, I realize this will probably never even be considered for implementation, but it would make the game world much more immersive and alive.
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    An option to purchase more storage! Also, the point alot of others have brought up- more interaction- i've never seen another player in my housing neighbourhood...

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    In short, I want it to be like in eq2.

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    I would like to be able to get a house and see what y'all are talking about. Alas no, no housing is to be had in LOTRO because they won't evict the damn inactive accounts and those that don't pay their upkeep.

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    I think one of the main problems with the current housing system is that you cannot get evicted. If you do not pay the upkeep you are simply locked out - never evicted. Many neighbourhoods are unpopulated ghost towns. The houses are all occupied by long gone people. There are rarely more than a few actual people inhabiting a single neighbourhood. Naturally the neighbourhood never becomes 'alive'. If the neighbourhoods were in fact inhabited by actual people and not by estates of long lost owners there would be real communities there.

    I have always felt that the house system in LOTRO is quite a planned economy mixture of use and ownership. If you only rent the estates it would make a lot more sense that you are actually evicted if you do not pay the rent. If you buy and own the property, then the prices are obviously faaaaar too low. Paying only a few gold for owning a property for all eternity does not make sense. Why not put them in the auction house and let the real market value decide the prices? And why do you not get the invested gold back when you sell ('abandon') your house?

    A simple change that would overall improve the system a great deal would be to add the option to pay for more months in advance and then simply evicting everyone who has not paid for a full year. That is after all what happens in the real world. If you do not pay rent - you get evicted. If you own your house but do not pay your bills - the enforcement services makes a visit and sells the property to pay for the debts of the person.

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    Lots of good ideas in this thread.

    There's just a few things I would like to add:

    1) Paintable (or dye-able) furniture. I love the elven-style furniture, for example, but I hate red. It clashes with everything else in my house. This would really boost the ability to individualize our houses with a very limited furniture pool.

    2) No fireplaces. We can already put in our own, where we want and what kind we want, so why bother having "permanent" fireplaces that will clash with anything else we put in?

    3) More trophies. I concur with this idea, at least as far as animal trophies. There are so many creatures that we are killing now. After seeing a white stag, I could already see one gracing my house, and was sadly disappointed. While we're on the subject, the winter worm...let's be serious here. The worm I killed was *way* bigger than that! More trophies would be nice, *accurate* trophies, and perhaps more color variations on the ones we have. (The warg I killed was not gray. I think the taxidermist mixed mine up with someone else's.)

    4) More neighborhoods. The game has gone way past the four starter areas now. I think that there should be higher-end neighborhoods for high level players. Places like Lothlorien, Rohan, Moria, etc, would be excellent candidates. I disagree about free-form neighborhoods. Consistency makes the neighborhoods look great; total free-form would look messy. There could easily be enough neighborhoods to satisfy everyone's exterior desires. For added customization, allow us paint and/or texture the outside walls the way we do the insides.

    5) The hook system. I loved the idea of switching to a graph system. That would elimate a lot of placement problems. However, if the hook system must stay, then put as many hooks in as possible. Cram 'em in! Also allow for the fact that some players want to center their furniture, and some would like to place their furniture against the wall. Having my bed in the middle of the room just looks weird. Also I hate when I have a table, with a rug underneath it, and the two cannot be centered no matter which way I turn them.

    6) Lighting. I loved my two-story deluxe elven house, but the upstairs bedroom is depressingly dreary. Also, what is the point of putting in lamps and chandeliers if they're only like 10 watts? Not only that, but they have to be turned on, since they automatically turn off any time we leave (same with inserted fireplaces). I know that technically this will be difficult to fix, but it definitely needs something, even if the lighting has to be a permanent fixture in the house. Just include a scroll-down with a few cosmetic choices or something.

    7) Private stable. I totally agree that this is a great idea. After all the trouble I went to collecting the reputation horses, it would be nice to know that that wasn't a waste of time. If we can't have the cosmetics for our warsteeds (that would be my first choice), then at least let us put our horses in the yard or in a stable. Then we could look at them instead of just carrying them around in our pockets.

    8) One house per character. Each of my characters has his own personal tastes, and the more characters I have (8 so far) the more difficult - and messy - it is to cram all of their tastes into one house. If players are willing to pay for more than one house, I don't see why they shouldn't have that opportunity. This would certainly alleviate the complaint that there is not enough storage space.

    9) House design. Cookie-cutter houses are, I suppose, unavoidable. Perhaps each neighborhood could contain all different houses? Any additional instances of that neighborhood would of course be duplicate. Also there should be enough of them that players have a fair chance of getting the exact house they want. The current housing crunch alone ought to be sufficient motivation to make these housing changes a top priority.

    10) Rohan furniture. Please fix the Rohan furniture. It looks great, I'll say that much, but I was hoping for a complete chandelier, not just a chain. And the bookcases/shelving should be wall furniture, so that they stand up against the wall. And seriously, out of all that furniture, is it too much to ask for just one table? Just one thin furniture? Now that we have seen how great YOUR Rohan interiors are, we want the same quality for our own houses.

    My final thought is that, rather than redesigning the neighborhoods we already have to incorporate all these exciting ideas, it would be simpler to make four brand new neighborhoods - one for each race - for higher-end players. That way, we can try some of these ideas out. I mean, look at remote looting and open tapping: it worked so well in Rohan that now it's universal. Why not do the same for neighborhoods? Besides, nicer neighborhoods for higher levels will encourage players to play harder to access them. That works in Turbine's favor, and ours too, who have been waiting a long time to see these changes.

    Thank you, devs. We know you're working hard.

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    Ain't been able to play or keep up with the game much for awhile. Now I come back to find they're gonna do a housing revamp?

    Woot!!!! To all those nay sayers: Hah! I told ya so!

    No one ever listens to me...

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    all great ideas and i do think we need to either get rid of the hooks system or find a way to make it work, personally i would rather see it abolished and something else brought in, i am big on the idea of moving your home somewhere else, i myself would not use it since my little hobbit home is in the perfect spot and i am more then happy to stay where i am, i would love to see also something like being able to come up with different dye's and wall dye's to use so your home is different then another person's. i'd love to see the deluxe houses made a bit bigger since i think the 7 gold and 150 silver pay for it is a bit steep for just a two room home,

    all in all everyone has some great and just awesome ideas that hopefully we see, i have hope in turbine though that come update 12 i believe it is that housing will be fixed up and will make a lot of us home owners happy
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    Free placement or snap-to-grid placement is obvious, so I'll skip that. Same with 'more hooks'.

    The thing I want MOST is a basement/cellar. After that...

    Paint exterior.
    Ability to remodel windows/doors.
    Upgrade fences.
    Grass/Lawn hook.
    More special hook items (if the hook-system stays)
    Upgrade chests + chest appearance.
    Remove built-in fireplace.
    More living things like trained cave claw, door-mouse, and guard (I have all three).... and let them roam more.

    Crafting areas or crafting furniture... that whole thing about keeping cities and towns populated is pure crud. As is, I rarely see people at mid level crafting areas. Other than the major city hubs, towns are typically dead anyway. And what about making housing instances feel populated? I only see my neighbors once in a blue moon, and that includes my husband's character! Besides.... I'm usually a solo player. I'm happiest when I don't see anyone else.

    Full skirmish camps--the trainer is practically useless by themselves.

    Patrolling mobs.... groups of level one brigands with torches on roads (my favorite event of all MMOs was the fire-fighting event in the Steel Canyon zone of COH), caravans of rare item vendors (rare pipe-weed, rare role-play items, etc?) and parades during festivals!

    Stables with swift-travel locations.

    One-room tenements in-town for players to buy/rent if they only want the extra storage and minimum of furniture space. These would have no yard and everyone enters through the same door (perhaps within places like the Prancing Pony?)

    Preview furniture in dressing room & dye it.

    Ability to 'hire' NPCs for an extra fee. This includes trainers, vendors, legendary duo, vault-keeper, auctioneer, etc. This could be a powerful money-sink if it's like 250s per NPC per week.

    Ability to 'hire' event NPCs for a fee. This includes inviting a entertainment troupe to visit and perform, a deluxe firework show for a party, and hiring a few dozen cats to rampage through your house to chase mice?

    More intelligent design of furniture... what use is a table without seats, an empty tent, or a tower without a door?

    More rooms. (SEE: The thing I want MOST is a basement/cellar.)
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