alot of things should be changed to make this subject more attractive.

first of all - all of houses are smaller than they should be. larger hobbit's house has 3 rooms including 2 small rooms. i know they werent rich but when we look inside bilbo's house we could find that there could be few rooms more.
my idea is to add another Hobby to fishing which should be related to house upgrading.
house upgrading could be related to doing some quests. quests should be related to:
- discover recipes/schematics etc. which allow to design external and internal view of house.
- gather materials which could be more or less rare which prevent players to grind them all days long. these materials are: bricks, wood, cement, window decorations, etc etc. items like that could be mob's loot or stand alone pile like wood/ore
- bigger upgrade yo want, more materials you need - its logical

second of all - 2 chests are not enough. players should have posibility to buy 3rd, 4th or even 5th chest, especially if 1 house is designed for all characters per account.

third of all - increase taxidemists trophees. one of cutest things ive seen when i started to play Lotro 2,5y ago was the vision of my own house with many decorations. all i had to do was to find those decorations. now, after all these years i think numbers of decorations should be constantly increased. more painting, more animal trophies, more boss trophies, maps, statues, weapons. even some looks-like-a-trash items: pots, dishes, etc. etc.

fourth of all - further updates. hobbits hole should allow to add some basements which should lead to large dungeons like those inside hobbit house which is near great tree in hobbiton and which was a scene of events. then all of players could say "my house is different than yours"

fifth of all - same should be done with kinship houses. they are large, but could be larger. i have an idea to create some big kinship quests which lead to upgrade kinship houses. same as above, gathering mats, designs, etc.
perhaps you should think about removing neighbourhoods and make own neighbourhoods for each player and kinship house which lead to create very huge complexes. giving players some work to build very original (kinship)houses would keep them busy at the end game.

but now i made my own 2nd kinship just to wait for a proper lvl which allow me to build kinship house which will be my own house. isnt sad?

this game is dying quicker than we're thinking. devs should do something to keep us playing.


lacks of language. i hope you understand majorities.