Now that we know Turbine is going to finally make some changes to housing, Im curious as to what sorts of changes you would like to see. And lets be honest.. they probably arent going to go to a full revamp to something like EQ2. So what changes do you think they might come up with?

Im hoping for the following, in order of probability:

1. Redesign of the housing structure itself. I have a small hobbit house, and it is frustrating. The fireplace is awkwardly placed in one corner, with no way for me to place a couch or chairs in front of it. If I want a bed, I have to place it in the center of the room, which is just silly. Bottom line: if you dont touch the hookpoint system, at least redo the layout so its more sensible and cozy. There are so many FANTASTIC npc homes out in the world that you can enter, and they are all so much better than the player housing.

2. Redesign of the decorations. Again, if you arent going to touch the hookpoints, at least redo the decorations so there is more flexibility. Smaller decorations, they take up less space, hey even let me have more decorations/furniture in the house.

3. Redo the hookpoint system. Unlikely given the time and resources it would take. But perhaps let us be more flexible with the hookpoints, like letting us move them about and add new ones? But I think we would all be really thrilled if you trashed the hookpoint system entirely and moved to a freeform system.

4. I know this would never happen, but I wish youd just trash the housing instance idea and just let us buy npc housing in the game world itself, ala EQ2. I know that means we would lose our outside yards, but Id love to be able to ride up to hobbiton and click on one of the dwellings there to enter my house! To me, the housing zones are lonely and depressing, I never, ever see ANYONE around. Lets breathe some life back into the starting zones!

So what do YOU guys think is possible this year, and what would you like to see?